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Friday, July 6, 2012

USA Womens game & Paleo Update

Saturday June 30
We got tickets to go to the USA Womens soccer game vs Canada.

My brother, sis-in-law, and mom & dad in-law joined us. On the way to pick my bro & SIL up something happened that hasn't happened to me in a couple years.. I got pulled over :/

Here's how the incident went:

Devin: Are you speeding?
Me: Oh.. ya.. oops.. why
Devin: you just passed a cop...
I look in the mirror and see to my horrow the cop pulling out of the parking lot and the lights flip on
Me: [I may have swore here]
I pull over
Cop gets out of his car
I roll down my window and hand him my license and registration with my head hung sheepishly low
Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: [glumly] I may have been speeding
Cop: Do you know how fast you were going?
Me: I believe 39 mph
Cop: Do you know what the speed limit is?
Me: um, isn't it 30?
Cop: It's actually 25 and I clocked you at 37. I'll be right back
Me PRAYING I don't get a ticket
Sisa: Mama, why did that cop talk to you
Me: Because I was speeding.. don't speed or the cops will come after you
Sisa: I didn't want that to happen
Me: Me either
Cop comes back
Cop: Watch your speed and have a nice day


The rest of the day was much happier after that :)

The game was EXTREMELY Hot and we ended up taking ALL the kids. [ We lost our sitter that weekend and decided to brave it and take all the kids ] It wasn't to bad I just felt horrible for the babies because it was so darn hot!

My mom & dad in law wrangled sisa who LOVES cotton candy..

After the game we cooled down at Apple Bee's in Layton.
I just love watching the games and can't wait until we can start hitting up RSL games.. we are just going to have to wait until babies are a little older or when it's not so darn HOT!

[Paleo Update] 


I reached my 1st 10 pounds weight loss goal! Way stoked! AND I lost 4 % body fat which is actually a huge deal :)

I've said it before but I truly love this Paleo lifestyle and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that is looking to get healthy or just lose weight in general.

I am way WAY nervous to post these pictures but I promised a before and after so far right?

SO here it is.... drum roll..........

I'm still really embarrassed..  now the world knows what my body NOT hiding under layers and layers of clothes looks like lol

[ Yes, I love to layer up, it hides everything so well]

But I have to admit that after just a month of working out and doing Paleo I can see a huge difference and it's exciting!

Now here is my goal picture!

I know it's quite a hefty goal to reach but I am bound and determined! Plus I know I will truly NEVER look like that or be able to show off like that due to how stretched out I got from babies BUT I still would love to have muscles and abs like that one day and I feel like I am on a good track right now :)

I'm going to brag a little because I AM proud of myself I have never been this determined at losing weight before, ya I wanted to but I never REALLY did anything this deep. I always thought I was. Until I started this new lifestyle I realized I never truly was on a healthy route. 

So here is how I have changed my lifestyle so far:

Eat Paleo
Run every morning
Go to crossfit Mon-Thurs
Soccer [ this isn't any different lol ] Thurs & Saturday

Running is a huge difference for me.. ya I can run if I am chasing a ball.. but running just for fun.. ya right!

Well as I said I am bound and determined to look as close to my goal image as I can. I have it slapped every where and it's even the wall paper on my phone to help keep me on track anytime I am tempted to skip working out or eating something bad.

So I knew I had to step up my work out routine and decided running every morning is a good start. I invested in some expensive shoes [ cause I realized how crummy my feet felt after I ran in my cheapo shoes ] and started using runtastic

I love this app! It helps motivate you, especially when you it tells you that you've ran a mile and you realize " Hey, I just ran that whole thing! " I plan on running further, right now I have been doing around a mile - just over a mile and a half.. my problem right now.. i'm NOT a morning person and that's the only time I can really run so I just need to work on getting up early so I can run longer before work.

Here's a funny thing I have realized about running so far.. I HATE IT when i'm running.. I keep asking myself "Why did I wake up from my comfy bed to come out here and torture myself with running?" 
But when I'm done, i'm glad I did, and when I'm not running I can't stop thinking about what route i'm going to run the next day, how far i'm going to push myself and then it gets me excited to run again. I know.. i'm psycho..

Anyways, I can't wait to post the next 10lbs weightloss picture :)

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"