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Friday, August 17, 2012

4th Of July - Challis - Birthday - Weight Loss Update

Ya ya, I am soooo far behind on posting so I am going to do a quick picture update to get caught up:

4th Of July

My cute little babies all decked out in their 4th of July Outfits

We took them to the parade and they really enjoyed it. We spent that night watching fireworks at my mom-in-laws house out on their trampoline while enjoying a nice warm 5 buck pizza!

The babies ended up falling asleep but as always Lys loved the fireworks.
We didn't really light any this year. We kept it VERY low key.


We went to Challis August 2-5th to visit my grandparents and my dad. It was loads of fun and we got to see more family then we thought we were going to get to see. My aunt and Uncle who we'd just visited in Riggins ended up selling the Motel and moved to Challis with my grandparents.

August 3rd

The 3rd is my grandma's birthday so we enjoyed the day by hanging out and watching the Olympics. That night we rode the Razors. They are a BLAST! I really want one. 

We got VERY dirty!

August 4th

We went to the awesome hot springs

The babies LOVED the water. They were laughing and smiling and talking to eachother. It was very adorable.

August 4th 

We went fishing! One of my favorite parts. Of course we went to  Deadman's Hole. Our favorite place to go.

[My dad, the babies, and Izzy]

[Becky's FIRST fish ever! Plus she caught the only fish at Deadmans Hole]
[The Babies Fell asleep, Hazy prefers her stomach to sleep so we just flipped her around haha ]

[Papa teaching sis to fish. Heading out to the middle is the best fishing spot!]

That same night Devin & I wanted to head out and do some more fishing so we went down the road from my Grandparents to the river. I went out to the middle [my fav spot] and caught myself a fish :)

August 5

Was the day we headed home :( We got family pictures:

[Grandma McGowan and all the great grandkids]

Every time we go on this trip we always see a HUGE sign advertising Pickle's Place. This little diner in a littly teeny town [ that I can't remember the name of ] But we kept saying we've really got to stop there, so this time we did...

It was cute, the food was...... good..... not bad... but not amazing either haha.. but it was a fun experience.

[The fam]

Look forward to this trip next year :)

BIRTHDAY August 11

I hardly look forward to my birthday anymore.. I look forward to my daughters, hubby's and looking way forward to the twins :) But mine.. eh...

But this year was special, I spent the day with my little family. We went to yard sales, then went to the USU womens soccer game, we won!

I got in a little nap.. infact all of us did haha.. it had been a long day, in the sun..

After that we watched the RSL game.. lets just say we better win next time!

Then we headed out to the Fair. I always look forward to the Cache County Fair.. it's my favorite :) We checked out the booths, animals, had to get cotton candy. We wanted to ride the rides but there was a 45 minute line for each ride! INSANE! So we headed to Angies instead for some dinner and dessert.

[The twins can now sit in high chairs!]

All around it was a good Birthday :)

Weight Loss Update

I have lost 6 more pounds, so that's a total of 16 pounds so far! I haven't measured inches in awhile but I know it's got to be significan't because I have gone from a 9/10 to a 7/8 in pants! YES! Back to what I was before I ever had kids [ still not as firm all around, but i'll take the size!]

Here is another photo update:

I still love Paleo and will always stay with it. I slip up here and there.. or I guess I should say I am not Nazi about it but it is 75% of my lifestyle eating now and I am always conscious of what I eat so that's good. Just when we go out to eat and I may or may not get a lemonade and maybe a dessert.. but you have to enjoy life some otherwise you wont enjoy your NEW eating lifestyle and I could easily go back to my old ways of eating crap all the time and drinking 7 cokes a day.. ya.. bad.. I know!

I'm slowly getting to my goal but I foresee that if I keep up with this, by next year I should be even closer to my goal :)

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"