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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8 months + Family Pictures

I just can't even believe that my babies are 8 months old already.
The even harder part, that always brings me to tears, is thinking this may be the last time I have little babies and I don't know why they had to grow up so darn fast! I can't even remember what it was like to hold a newborn! I think that's the hardest thing with twins is when you get them settled down or to sleep you just put them down because you can't hold both at the same time and your not going to just hold one of them so you end up holding neither and I just don't think you get that much mommy/baby bond time as you do with just one baby. It's bad, I am baby hungry already lol! Everytime I see a newborn I just want to hold it because my babies just are always on the move and are not cuddly at all! Lys was a real cuddler so I miss that!

And then there's this girl who I love the crap out of! She is growing up way to fast too! We just got an e-mail today from her Grandma D (who is a teacher) and she told us we need to start getting her registered for school next year!!!! Say Whaaa!?

I just can't believe my baby girl is going to be in school! She is such a good little helper tho. She has taken on mother role at home with the babies while i'm back at work. She helps papa feed them, she loves to play with them alot now that they interact with her. She is such a good big sister!


So I missed writing about Thanksgiving. Honestly we just kept it low key. It was nice. We went to Devin's brother Tanner's house at noon and had dinner and then went to my parents after and ate AGAIN. We played knock-rummy ( one of our favorite gambling games haha ). And then hit bed about 9:30. Having 3 young kids, i've decided, really wears on you. But I wouldn't trade them for the world :)

After thanksgiving we put up our tree. We love getting a real tree and decided since we have babies in the house who like to eat ANYTHING we would get a little one and put it up on a table.. I think it's a cute little tree, even tho I do miss a full size, I do like our little tree.

This was Devin & I's first christmas ornament we got for our first Christmas. We have been trying to keep it a tradition to get a family one with every addition. We have all our dogs ones, our kitties' ornaments and this years:

I'm sure alot of you know that I have been helping out at the mall with my sis-in-law at the Santa booth.. I will say.. you sure meet alot of grumpy parents around that time of the year haha! We aren't even high pressured at all! In fact we don't get a commission at all so we could care less if you got a picture or not but MAN some parents just freak out when you even ask! The saddest part tho, is those that think you HAVE to buy something to see Santa, so I always make sure to reassure them that they can still visit Santa without a picture. We are pretty lax there haha. Right now is the easy part tho.. 4 hours every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. After the 14 we are there ALL day! Luckily I still only work 4 every Monday & Friday but Saturdays are all day and the most bummer thing is having to work Christmas eve :( All well.. one year right?
Here's my kiddos 1 Free picture the booth lets us have haha:

Family Pictures

I know I like to pretend to be a photographer haha.. we just did these super quick because MAN IT WAS COLD! I wanted to wait till the first snow fall.. I think they turned out decent considering how hard it is to get 3 kids to look your way but I like how they turned out in the snow:

So now I finally have pictures for our holiday cards to send out :) The card turned out so stink'n cute I think :) I'm excited to get them printed and handed out!

If you want one let me know and i'll make sure to send one to you!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 5, 2012

7 months & Happy Halloween!

Where did Halloween go? It came and went so fast I can't even hardly believe it!

Here is Lys's dance class at her class Halloween party

Lys at her dance recital at the Green Canyon Corn Maze

We carved our family pumpkins the night before Halloween. I had planned to get some adorable pictures of the twins in the pumpkins but Henry was the only one that would fit in it and he didn't enjoy it long. I don't know how people get those cute little posed pictures because my kids never hold still long enough for a good picture!

 Halloween Day

I had so many cute costume ideas for the kids. Well, the twins at least, I knew Lys would want to choose what she wanted and she decided she wanted to be a tiger. I decided, no more makeup, I was constantly applying it and it was constantly smearing off.

I had planned for the twins to be little monsters, I had stuff to make the costumes and everything.. but I ran out of time.. more so.. I got lazy lol. So hazel ended up a little pumpkin and Henry is a little aviator (we found that adorable jacket at the DI ) he wouldn't keep his aviator glasses on.

Devin and I had planned to be bank robbers and we were going to have matching masks and matching black and white striped shirts but GOOD GRIEF I could not find plain black & white stripped shirts anywhere! I literally went all over town. There were lots of ones with hot colors in them or funky strip patterns or grey and white or black and grey but black and white.. it was a joke.. and what was funnier is I ran into about 6 different people wearing the exact shirts I was looking for. It was like they were mocking me or something.. but I couldn't get up the guts to ask where they got their shirts lol.. so instead I just used an old Joker costume and made the mask and Devin was a.... german? lol

 We hooked up with both my brothers & sis-in-laws and the kiddos.
 [ little cow is Isabelle & little pumpkin is Marley ]

 [ me and my sis-in-law as jokers]
We hit mainstreet, the mall & the sports academy.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of Lys's candy bag because it was so chuck full of candy she couldn't even cary it! We may have helped her lighten it some ;)

7 Months

They are already learning so much I just can't even believe it. Hazel crawls all over and we seriously have to watch her like a hawk. She likes to crawl on stuff and under stuff and she always gets herself stuck haha

She's also starting to do this:

Ya... she's 7 months old.. what .. the... heck!

Lys wanted some pictures too.. she really wanted to be a princess and since it was too cold to go outside and it wasn't as beautiful as the background on this pic I decided to photoshop her into a little scene haha.. it was fun :)

Now some sad news :( For those of you that haven't heard or know, I got laid off last Thursday. To be honest I wasn't too shocked. 

These past 2 years with this company have been INSANE! The first year I was there we moved offices, about 5 out of the 20 people there got laid off and there was a buttload of drama there that made it so I was about to quite. But I waited it out. 

In the 2nd year we merged with a new company, 2 of our owners quite/resigned/took their portion of the company out and split, we moved offices yet again and they laid off about 10 more people, some of them had been there for years!

 After my maternity leave 2 people moved to Texas to the main head quarters of the company, one of the designers went to Bentonville where our main shipping office is and another had a baby and wasn't planning on coming back. That left me, another guy and a girl that just got hired on a few months ago to help with phone calls. So 3 people in this big office and the new company we merged with is opening a new office for their designers in San Diego. I knew there was no need for our office here so I kind of had been waiting for this day to come. I kept my eyes open for new jobs but there just isn't much in the Graphic Design field here in Cache Valley if you want big pay.

I am still in shock that I don't have a job, scared because I am not sure what's going to happen since neither of us are working lol.. but faithful that I know Heavenly Father has always had a plan for me and when I think back just about every job whether good or bad had opened doors to new opportunities for me when they didn't work out so I am sure this job was just another door for me to find that perfect job. I have applied to quite a few different places that just happened to be hiring days before I lost my job, so that was lucky. Also, my work is being kind enough to pay me my full salary until January to help me find a job AND I don't even have to work.. so that's awesome! 

My sis in law just got a management job to work at the mall for the Santa picture booth and so this was kind of perfect timing cause I can work with her temporarily to make some extra money until I find a job..

So I know there's a plan and I will find a job again, I have been given a few opportunities I just have to pick which one is the best for me :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

6 months old already! & Preparing for HaLoWeEn!

Can't believe my babies are already 6 months PLUS! Could someone please make them stop growing so fast?

 I just love these kids so much. They really keep us on our toes. Especially since Hazel has started to really "crawl" around. She does what I call the "zombie crawl" which she kinda drags one leg as she crawls. But, whatever you want to call it, she can move all the way across the room no problem.

Preparing for HaLoWeEn!

 Lys helped with the decorations.

Custer helping decorate outside with us. That poor cat, Lys loves to torture her haha.. but despite all the torture Custer still loves curling up to Lys at night to help her sleep :)

I always tend to forget to post about our soccer tournaments. I think it's because I blog about it on our soccer page but forget to on my personal page. I shouldn't because soccer is a huge part of our lives lol..

We got to play in the Pumpkin Smash tournament on October [13]. This is our 3rd year playing I believe and for the 3rd year in a row.. we took 1st! We were completely undefeated this year too and it felt great! This is my favorite tournament. It was loads of fun!

We went to my parents Sunday [19] to carve some pumpkins. I am upset at myself for not doing a better job at getting pictures of us all carving them. I guess I just got to into it haha.  Mine was supposed to be a monster but ended up looking more like a dragon.

Lys was so cute and did such a good job. She really enjoyed coloring all over her pumpkin. Once she was done she wanted GiGi to carve a "pig face" onto her pumpkin...

Can't wait for Halloween! We have some fun costumes in the works and Lys has a dance Halloween party and even a dance recital at the corn maze! Stay tuned!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Picture & blog Overload! Jackson Hole, parade, family pictures, anniversary

We continued on our family tradition of going to Jackson Hole. We ended up going September 14-16. We wanted to stay till the 17th but because of work we weren't able to BUT it was probably good because by day 3 all the kids were ready to go home which made us MORE than happy to get home as well haha. We had so much fun tho! I am just going to let the pictures tell the story, beware.. there are tons!

Day 1

We started it out by going around town, eating some pizza and swimming: 

[ see they do love eachother... sometimes ;) ]

The twins LOVED swimming. Those little floaties saved our bacon. We were able to stay in the pool for over an hour because they loved floating around in them. Lys had her super floaty life jacket on so she could swim around also. It was nice because we actually could swim somewhat unrestricted and it made swimming enjoyable :)

Day 2 

We started the day off by going to our favorite breakfast joint

Then we went to Jenny Lake and were planning on riding the boat to the falls BUT it closed early! AGAIN! I don't know how/why it closed earlier this year, we thought coming a hole week early we'd hit everything.. but no.. it just all closed earlier lol!

So we decided to hike to Moose Ponds. Once we got to Moose ponds we saw there was a trail that takes you AROUND Moose Ponds and back to base. So we thought that would be fun.. well... it was... until Lys had to go to the bathroom, I had to go to the bathroom, the babies fell asleep and got even heavier then woke up and wanted to eat and the trail just went on and on and on until we finally got to a road thinking we made it and realized we had to hike ON the road another mile just to get back to base and man.. it was a LONG... BORING... ROAD... and we all seriously had had it! lol... but once we got back and made it to the bathroom and got food in all our bellies it turned we all were much happier and looked back on the hike as... well... fun... but one we wont be doing again :)

[ you can see how smokey everything was, it was so sad :( hopefully next year there wont be any fires! ]

After our hike we decided it would be fun to drive thru Yellowstone.. we were bound and determined to see some cool animal this year!

The only animals we ended up seeing were a bunch of elk.. but that's ok.. we love elk and it was still fun :) We made some stops along the way to dip our feet into the water.

Day 3

We decided to do what we did last year and take a drive around Moose/Wilson Road. It was a nice little drive last year and ended the trip perfectly. This year.. it was EVEN BETTER!

It was a good day that day. As we headed to Moose Wilson Road we saw a coyote running in a field along the highway. Then we saw the moose all hunkered down and while there I heard rumor of a bear down the road. So we hopped in the car and headed down the road and sure enough there was a HUGE long line of cars with people everywhere. I knew that had to be where the bear was. A ranger ended up directing traffic and just kept traffic flowing. As we drove by and looked out the window the bear was literally just out the window.. it was crazy! Lys was so excited and wanted to take him home :)

Thus ended our wonderful Jackson Hole trip!

Welcome my new nephew!

I am quickly learning that I need to purchase my own lighting kit because lighting seriously is key! The pictures turned out cute but the lighting was horrible! We just took them in my moms kitchen and they just didn't turn out how I wanted.. but after a little photoshopping I got them to look decent. He sure is a cutie tho!


We have Lys enrolled in dance with LaShars again. She loves it and she definitely is good at it :) The first thing they had this year was the USU homecoming parade.

Lys ran into our room that morning saying "I CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON THE FLOAT!" I started getting her ready and she starts yelling "hold me! hold me!" I was like, what the heck! Well.. she ended up throwing up in the sink. I was hesitant after that to let her go in the parade but she insisted she felt better. We gave her pepto and she ran around chasing her kitty Custard. I figured she was feeling better, she said she was feeling better and off we went to the parade. Traffic was crazy so Devin had to drop us off 2 blocks away from her float and we ran the rest of the way. I got her on the float and figured all was well :)

When she finally passed by us I noticed she was in a red tumbling shirt and not the black LaSahars shirt I had bought her and I was wondering what the heck. Devin went and picked her up after and her teacher told us she puked all over her shirt, poor thing! A bunch of little girls with LaShars shirts walked by us after and pointed at Lys and said "That's the little girl that threw up all over". I felt so bad for her! Other than that she loved the parade and she did great on her little hand dance :)

Family Pictures

We have been in need of some family photos so we planned on heading up the canyon. My brother and his family told me they have been wanting some family photos too especially since their little girl turned 1 today! So up Logan Canyon we went. 

 I think they turned out pretty cute :)

Ours... I found... were a little more difficult.. we may have ot wait until next year to get good family photos. Trying to take photos of a cranky 4 year old and two 6 month olds AND trying to get them all to look at the same time.. impossible!
But here's what we got...

 [ I love when he sucks in his bottom lip like that ]

My brother and me!

7 years!

I sure do love this guy! We started the day out with the family photos. My mother-in-law offered to watch the kids that night so we went out to Chilli's and headed to a movie. It was so much fun! I made a little book full of memories and a cute little poem I wrote for Devin and left it on the counter for him to find. At the end was the coupon for dinner & a movie.

I just love him more and more every year and it was fun, and weird since we aren't used to it haha.. to just go out the 2 of us but we sure did enjoy the us time :)

Thus ends my extremely LONG post!

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"