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Monday, November 5, 2012

7 months & Happy Halloween!

Where did Halloween go? It came and went so fast I can't even hardly believe it!

Here is Lys's dance class at her class Halloween party

Lys at her dance recital at the Green Canyon Corn Maze

We carved our family pumpkins the night before Halloween. I had planned to get some adorable pictures of the twins in the pumpkins but Henry was the only one that would fit in it and he didn't enjoy it long. I don't know how people get those cute little posed pictures because my kids never hold still long enough for a good picture!

 Halloween Day

I had so many cute costume ideas for the kids. Well, the twins at least, I knew Lys would want to choose what she wanted and she decided she wanted to be a tiger. I decided, no more makeup, I was constantly applying it and it was constantly smearing off.

I had planned for the twins to be little monsters, I had stuff to make the costumes and everything.. but I ran out of time.. more so.. I got lazy lol. So hazel ended up a little pumpkin and Henry is a little aviator (we found that adorable jacket at the DI ) he wouldn't keep his aviator glasses on.

Devin and I had planned to be bank robbers and we were going to have matching masks and matching black and white striped shirts but GOOD GRIEF I could not find plain black & white stripped shirts anywhere! I literally went all over town. There were lots of ones with hot colors in them or funky strip patterns or grey and white or black and grey but black and white.. it was a joke.. and what was funnier is I ran into about 6 different people wearing the exact shirts I was looking for. It was like they were mocking me or something.. but I couldn't get up the guts to ask where they got their shirts lol.. so instead I just used an old Joker costume and made the mask and Devin was a.... german? lol

 We hooked up with both my brothers & sis-in-laws and the kiddos.
 [ little cow is Isabelle & little pumpkin is Marley ]

 [ me and my sis-in-law as jokers]
We hit mainstreet, the mall & the sports academy.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of Lys's candy bag because it was so chuck full of candy she couldn't even cary it! We may have helped her lighten it some ;)

7 Months

They are already learning so much I just can't even believe it. Hazel crawls all over and we seriously have to watch her like a hawk. She likes to crawl on stuff and under stuff and she always gets herself stuck haha

She's also starting to do this:

Ya... she's 7 months old.. what .. the... heck!

Lys wanted some pictures too.. she really wanted to be a princess and since it was too cold to go outside and it wasn't as beautiful as the background on this pic I decided to photoshop her into a little scene haha.. it was fun :)

Now some sad news :( For those of you that haven't heard or know, I got laid off last Thursday. To be honest I wasn't too shocked. 

These past 2 years with this company have been INSANE! The first year I was there we moved offices, about 5 out of the 20 people there got laid off and there was a buttload of drama there that made it so I was about to quite. But I waited it out. 

In the 2nd year we merged with a new company, 2 of our owners quite/resigned/took their portion of the company out and split, we moved offices yet again and they laid off about 10 more people, some of them had been there for years!

 After my maternity leave 2 people moved to Texas to the main head quarters of the company, one of the designers went to Bentonville where our main shipping office is and another had a baby and wasn't planning on coming back. That left me, another guy and a girl that just got hired on a few months ago to help with phone calls. So 3 people in this big office and the new company we merged with is opening a new office for their designers in San Diego. I knew there was no need for our office here so I kind of had been waiting for this day to come. I kept my eyes open for new jobs but there just isn't much in the Graphic Design field here in Cache Valley if you want big pay.

I am still in shock that I don't have a job, scared because I am not sure what's going to happen since neither of us are working lol.. but faithful that I know Heavenly Father has always had a plan for me and when I think back just about every job whether good or bad had opened doors to new opportunities for me when they didn't work out so I am sure this job was just another door for me to find that perfect job. I have applied to quite a few different places that just happened to be hiring days before I lost my job, so that was lucky. Also, my work is being kind enough to pay me my full salary until January to help me find a job AND I don't even have to work.. so that's awesome! 

My sis in law just got a management job to work at the mall for the Santa picture booth and so this was kind of perfect timing cause I can work with her temporarily to make some extra money until I find a job..

So I know there's a plan and I will find a job again, I have been given a few opportunities I just have to pick which one is the best for me :)

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"