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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 Months & Halloween

I can't believe this guy has already been with us for two months! I have no idea where time goes! I have definitely been trying to enjoy every moment tho. I snuggle with this little guy as much as I can and I love it!

He has been such a blessing to our lives already and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so thankful for our little miracle and I feel so blessed! He has already grown so much and has already developed a little personality. He loves to be held and he is the smiliest baby ever! I don't remember our other smiling this early but this guy just loves to interact and give you big ol' grins. Adorable! He just melts my heart :) He loves when his brother and sisters talk to him and he's even started cooing back at them, another thing he's picked up on fast! He's started sleeping thru the night which is HEAVEN!

 On a sad note he has some deep down congestion/a little cold that just wont go away.

So our doc put him on a nebulizer. At least it's not too serious and his doc only wants him on it for a week to help clear everything up. It's already started working and we can tell the congestion is moving up. Just breaks my heart to hear such a little thing coughing so hard.

But all thru this he still is a happy smiley little guy.

A really fun thing is, our twins haven't always been that snuggly, Lys was always a snuggler but the twins just haven't been and it's sad because I always want to just hold them but they are so wiggly and on the go! But since having Roman and them seeing how much we snuggle him they just want to be snuggled and they'll just let me hold them while we watch Sponge bob. They are BEYOND obsessed with Spongebob, not sure how this happened but it is now the only show they want to watch. It's pretty funny because they'll bring me the remote and say "PongeBob! Pongebob! Peeeeeeeez". Pretty adorable. We may be corrupting our kids but it sure is cute haha.

This is how they like to spend their time. Snuggling together on their couch watching sponge bob!


So I forgot to post about Halloween. This year was fun.. yet exhausting haha. 

The day started out getting to go to this little girls school :) I got to help as a room mom for their Halloween party. It was ADORABLE. She was so proud to have her mom there and was showing me off to all her friends. I tried soaking it up because I know it's not far when she'll be embarrassed to have her mom around her at school. She got to dress up and they had a Halloween parade. This is her and her little friend Jenna, they are in the same class. I just loved seeing her interact with her friends and getting to watch her participate in class. I just love this girl.

After we went to the Mall, which is where we have started going  each year for trick or treating. Lys and the twins loaded up with candy.

After we went to Nanny's for her Annual Halloween get together. We dressed up as a little pirate/sea family. Me, Devin & Henry were pirates, Lys and Hazel were mermaids, and Roman was our little monkey.

 All the cousins

We went around the block trick or treating and the twins really got into it this year. They had to go up to the door just like the big kids and they'd put out their hands (because they didn't want to hold the bag) and would say "Treat Treat Peeez". And of course, they'd eat it right there lol.

I must say, I just love being a mom. It has it's moments but mostly it's moments are full of love and laughter :)

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"