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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my grandma and grandpa McGowans. This is the first time we spent Thanksgiving with them and it was definitely a thanksgiving to remember. We started the week out by first picking my dad up from the Airport. He came for Boise and stayed with us from Saturday until Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving when we left to AZ. It was so fun getting to spend time with my dad. This was the first time EVER that he has been to see us in Logan so it was way nice.

Wednesday me, my dad, Devin, Elysa, Matt, and his girlfriend Becky headed to Salome, Arizona. A teeny tiny little town about 12 hours away from Logan in the middle of nowhere. It was so much fun tho! The car ride was a little rough but we split it up by going to Primm, Nevada the first day and staying at a hotel then driving the 5 1/2 hours to Salome. I was so proud of my little girl, I was worried she wouldn't handle it but when she wasn't sleeping she was so happy. She would just talk to everyone and she LOVED watching her movies, my parents bought us some portable DVD players for an early christmas present and boy did they save us! Salome was so nice.. 75 degree weather! Can't complain.

Here's (from left to right) my grams, gramps, dad, becky, matt, me, sisa, devin

This was Sisa's first real Thanksgiving and she loved it. She wanted the WHOLE turkey leg not just her little slices. She loves mashed potatoes too! While we were eating she started getting so tired and literally almost face planted ASLEEP in her potatoes. She went to bed nice and easy. What a silly little nut.The next day we went to a "little" town called Quartsite. I say "little" because even tho it was just a small mass of desert apparently around the same time each year thousands and I mean thousands of people in campers come and stay for the winter. They pitch up sales tents and swap and sell their trades. It was crazy. I have never seen so many campers in one place and it was only the start of it all. One strip had literally over 50 little campers with stores set up. There were about 5 out of the probably 30 ,at 50 trailers long ,rows filled up. It was way fun getting fun little things people made. These 2 photos ( top and bottom) were infront of a little store. I thought the ppl were real at first so we just had to get a photo with them.

We also went golfing in Salome. I haven't ever golfed before and I did....... so so.. haha. I did good sometimes and others I did HORRIBLE. I was glad it was Becky's first time too so I wasn't alone cause my dad, matt, and Devin were awesome! I lost alot of balls in the water! It was weird playing in the desert tho.. there wasn't much grass and you were hitting it off of hard sand alot. So it was interesting. But I loved all the palm trees!
Sisa was all smiles in the car! I was so happy!
I have decided I am a horrible gambler. I put 2 dollars in and won 2 cents and just got discouraged and bored way to easy. I wanted to either win big or just not play, haha. Devin won 30 bucks tho so it wasn't too bad.

Devin LOVES Chip Foose and he wanted to win this car SOOOO bad. It was a sexy car tho haha. Chip is amazing.
We stayed in the Golden Gate Hotel. It was really nice. It was on the old Vegas strip. They put this awesome dome thing over the top and played videos on it. Elysa couldn't believe all the flashing lights. She was just in awe! Devin really liked the hotel because it had an oldtime mobster classy feel. I have to admit it was really nice and classy, plus it was only $30 a night!

Overall besides the exhausting drive the little roadtrip and getting to see Vegas and family was way fun! We've decided to try and go on a fun roadtrip every year, just maybe not so long!

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Brianna said...

What a fun trip!!! And that is super nice that she was good for you in the car! I'm so glad you had a good holiday!
And yes, I totally agree. I'll take all the nasty things that happen to my body if it means I get to keep my little Savannah. :-) I guess it's just all part of the joys of motherhood, huh?! I'm glad someone understands! I swear whenever I ask Mom's about it they look at me like I'm nuts!

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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