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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A long needed update

It's been awhile since I have updated so I am going to try to go back in time, like to Memorial Day :). We went and visited my gramps and had a bbq and my grams after.

After that we went fishing at one of the Dams.. 3rd I think haha. Sisa loved fishing.

Especially with grandpa D!

She was really scared of the fish tho once we pulled them to shore. As long as she could look at it from a distance it was fine. We ended up catching 10 fish between all 4 of us. I have never used raw hamburger before as bait but oh my heck it worked better than anything I've used. You would catch in and catch a fish right away. Britton even used fetta cheese and it worked! Guess the fish like the smelly gross stuff.

Fathers Day

Devin's fathers day gift! He has been wanting a motorcycle again for awhile. So I allowed him to get one because it would save us ALOT on gas money also! We both went and got our licenses this week too! :)

I didn't get a chance to write about how happy I am that Devin is my husband and our daughters daddy!

From day 1 Elysa has been a papa's little girl. Already she likes to "Kick it" (the soccer ball) She LOVES papa's jeep and motorcycle.

She loves to have papa tell her it's alright and not to be scared of the little bouncy bunny, hehe :). She always wants papa to make sure there are no monsters, I think this phobia has come from Monsters Inc. which she still loves to watch.

I can't think of another person I could be more happy with in life.

Plus I don't think I could ever find someone who could put up with me the way Devin does, :D!
I love more than anything that we have SO much in common. We love to play soccer together and while some may think we are just addicted to soccer or we play to much I don't think they really understand that it's something we love to do together and it's something that we can both for sure support eachother in. We love to get out the chairs and sit on the sidelines and watch each others soccer games. We've decided, which luckily comes easily, that we are going to support each other in everything. When sisa is older and is going to soccer championships, or dance competitions, or whatever she gets into we will be there for eachother no matter what! even if we have to sit out in the freezing cold rain or snow to watch support her!

I just love that we love each other unconditionally and that we are such a happy family! It's great to know I married my best friend and that there isn't ever going to be anyone else!


I've been trying forever to lose weight and let me tell you, it's not easy! We joined a gym and had been working out for 6 months, I felt better but I just didn't feel like I was getting any results. A friend of mine invited me to try out crossfit. Having no idea what it was I decided to try it out. OH man it kicked my butt.. I was sore for days but I have to tell you, I feel SO much better, stronger, fitter than I have with anything I have ever tried before. Even tho I get nervous for the next days workout, I get excited to go so I can get that one step closer to getting fitter. Altho the pounds haven't been flying off the scale  I know it doesn't matter because I am gaining muscle and I can tell! The other day we had to do a workout called Angie where you do 100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats. Brutal right? Well I did it! It wasn't easy but I did it in the time frame! I was stoked! I'M GETTING STRONGER AND MY CLOTHES ARE FITTING SOOO MUCH BETTER! I am now a crossfit junkie! I love it!

* sorry this is so far going really long, the next 2 things are pretty short so I'll keep going *

Cache Valleys FIRST 6 v 6 womens soccer tournament

was this weekend. We started out with 2 games Friday and ended in 2 games on Saturday. Our team lost 3 and won 1 so it wasn't the best but it sure was fun! It was more about the fun than winning anyways :)

I just love to play soccer! And it was fun having my husband and little girl cheering me on on the sidelines.. Elysa would love to yell "go mamma!" and tell me "Good Luck" before I'd go play. I love family :).

Old Neighborehood get together

Lastly a couple of old time friends got our old group back together. We used to hang out ALL the time in the old neighborhood from when I was 13 until we graduated! It was so fun getting to see everyone, especially those we really hadn't seen in awhile. It was also fun to find out what everyone was up to, see who of us were married now and had cute little kids! Fun that our kids could all play together to! Makes you miss the old times but appreciate the new. Something we need to do more often. I will get pictures up when I steal them from people hehe.

* Wow, what an update huh? Next time I'll try to do it as they come rather than all at once!

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