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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just an Update

I just thought I would inform those who read my sadly updated blogs where I have been. The past couple of months have been insane. I am going to school full time and work full time right now.. not sure how I am doing it but I am doing it. My hubby has turned into a stay at home daddy.. lucky ducky! Over the summer we were both working full time while my wonderful mother-in-law watched Elysa for us. But once school started up we lost our sitter :( We really REALLY didn't want to send Elysa to daycare.. we always wanted at least one of us home with her and since I was offered a graphic design position by my teacher and they were awesome enough to go over what my husband was making I decided to take it. Especially since Devin was really having a hard time with his job and needing change in his life. I know how it is when you feel like you just aren't going anywhere and your stuck in a dead end job, so I decided we could switch roles for a little while until he finds something he knows he will want to work at for a long while! We seriously feel so blessed that we are able to have one of us stay home and Elysa just LOVES that her daddy is home.. sometimes I get a little jealous because she is such a daddy's little girl now!

Oh boy I don't even know where to start with everything that has happened. I am working on scrapbook pages for everything. I thought that it would be easier to scrapbook the events and throw them up here rather than write about everything but it turned out to be harder than I thought. I just can't seem to find the time. I really don't even know where all the time goes because when I sit down and think of what we really do during the week it doesn't seem to be filled up but then when the week goes on the time just seems to disappear with random things. I really miss just chilling at home doing nothing! That's why I am a little.. JUST a little bit excited for the winter weather because life seems to really slow down during the winter. I just REALLY am not ready for the cold at all! I am excited to get to play in the snow more this year now that Lys is a little older and I know is going to beg us to play in the snow with her.

I am working on the scrapbook pages for it but on August 18 Elysa turned 2! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by!! I love her so much, even tho she is SOOOOOOOOOO dramatic about everything.. sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at how dramatic she is because the littlest things will set her off and man she is good at tantrums.. her favorite is to throw herself on the floor and start kicking or she'll cover her face and bawl while peaking thru her fingers to make sure we are still paying attention to her. I cannot believe how much of a jabber jaw she is. She amazes me at times because I don't realize how smart she really is and i'll try to tell her what something is or how to use it and she'll look at me and say "I know mama!" I don't know where the attitude comes from and altho it's pretty cute right now I remind her that when she's a teenager that will be unexceptable haha! I love her to death tho because when she is in angel mode or goof mode she's hilarious! Her now favorite words are "What's that?" and when you ask her something it's always "huh?". We ended up taking her to Hogle zoo for her birthday as well as had a birthday princess party for her. We wanted to have a Dora party because she loves Loves LOVES Dora but when she saw the princesses she just went crazy with excitment so we decided to go with princess instead. We dressed her up as a little princess, got her a princess cake, and a castle pinata ( pictures coming soon ) She also got a princess four-wheeler powerwheel with a princess helmet.. do you think she's spoiled yet?? Because I sure do!! We really aren't trying to spoil her but somehow it happens.. I think it's time for another little one so she can learn what sharing is.. altho she is really good sharing with adults just not kids!

Well I could go on and on and on but I'll update with pictures soon because they describe everything much better than I can in words.. I never was good at writing haha.

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