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Friday, May 22, 2009


My brothers cat who "accidently" got left at our house when he moved out had kittens. They sure are adorable PLUS she had 2 siamese kittens and an orange kitten... which btw are my favorite kinda kittens. I may just be tempted to keep one.. only the male tho! The rest GO!
Elysa loves the kitties tho.. we have had to teach her to be gentle with them. Whenever she sees the kittens she gets her "O" face on and goes "ooo oooo" it's the cutest thing ever. She was so excited to play with the kittens out on the lawn.

Playing nice with the kitties.
Both of these photos turned out so cute! (top and bottom)

Oops.. we forgot how to play nice with the kitties here. She was getting really mad cause they kept trying to run away from her so she thought if she just grabbed a hold and yanked back they'd stay.. poor little guys.. were still working on playing nice with them.

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This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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