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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun at the beach... errr.. dam

We decided to spend last sunday after church at "the beach" so we went to Hyrum Dam and had a BBQ. It was so nice to relax.. Even tho it wasn't a real beach it worked just fine. Elysa had so much fun walking in the water and the sand. She really loves water and she loves to splasha splasha. She is still learning to walk but she is almost there. She pulls you along whens she's walking so you can tell she wants to get places on her own she just hasn't gotten the courage to let go.

Devin got this pretty landscape picture of Bear Lake. Shoulda put a bigger picture up.Elysa loved when the waves started going. At first she freaked out and was trying to climb up me but once I started laughing and that let her know it was alright, then she loved the waves.

Elysa loves icecream and boy did she make a mess. It was cute, I'd bought these little baby icecream cones and they were just the perfect size for Elysa's little hands.

This is what happens when you don't give a baby another icecream cone.

Devin "trying" to throw me into the water. He actually did succeed in getting me super wet.

My cute little sand turtle.

Elysa loves her grandma.

 A perfect end to a perfect day at "the beach"

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