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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A WHOLE LOTA holiday fun

Wow I was debating whether to fit this all into one post or not. We had a very fun packed holiday week. To start with Devin's aunt Corie and Cousin Morgan from North Carolina came to visit for the holiday. He hasn't seen them for a couple years. Because it had been so long since they have been up to visit we certainly made a week out of it. They started out by going down the canal then we went horseback riding the next day. Devin was so sweet and stayed "stayed" home from work to watch Elysa so I could go cause he know's how much I love horses. It was so much fun and I would suggest to anyone to do it. It's at the beaver creek lodge. I thought you'd just go on some dirt road and ride around for an hour but no way.. you get to go into the back country on these little trails similar to deer trails. It was so beautiful and refreshing to be out in the mountains. We even crossed a little river. It made me remember how much I loved horseback riding and is even getting me motivated to get a saddle for my husbands dads horse and start riding him around.. we'll see :)
This is Britton getting instructions on how to turn your horse and stop it haha
Morgan Crouch
Mom, Chris Davis
Corie Crouch
This was my horse Pegasus and below is the beautiful country outback we crossed through.
The next day, Friday the 3, Devin had work off and we decided to have a fun filled day at the zoo. The last time we went there with Elysa she was 1 month old so we decided it would be more fun this time with her being aware of everything :) She loved the monkeys the most, which wasn't surprising.. she has a cute little stuffed monkey and she has learned that a monkey goes "OO OO OO" so as soon as she saw the monkeys she points and goes "OO OO OO". We noticed while watching the monkeys that Elysa crawls just like the monkeys while on all fours. She also really loved the duckies because they were always constantly moving.. she got board by the animals that just laid there or stood there like that kangaroos and the owl, the bobcat, and the coyotes. It was so sad but yet so funny when we got over by the bobcat there were a group of 4 little ducks and they were being chased by these 2 little toddlers.. the ducks were a mess they kept close together and just ran in circles.. I think the kids chased them for about 30 minutes.. (see pic below)

The pelacans wouldn't leave the poor little turtle alone.. they kept pecking at his shell.

This was my attempt at making something festive to eat for the 4th.. it was Jello, whipped Cream, and strawberries.. I wanted to put blueberries for the blue flag part but apparently they are out of season... it tasted better than it looks :)

Eating before the car show.. you can see where Elysa got the "Cheese Grin" from can't you.

At the parade.. Elysa was exhausted she had a very tiring day.

This was during the fireworks.. Elysa looked like this the entire time. She was in such aww everytime one boomed in the air.

I just love the Holidays!!!

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