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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elysa Birthday, Celebrate America show, Real Salt Lake soccer game

So as you can tell from the title alot has happened that I am SO far behind on . Here are the pictures I promised from Elysa's birthday:
This little rider toy she got was the best thing ever. It also turns into a walker and she became a pro walker from walking around with it. Altho now she is FAST and we have to actually run after her now when she gets away haha.
Our spray painted yellow hat for the "Man in the yellow hat" haha.
My monkey cakes I creatively made. It was actually really fun and i'm sorta glad all the cake decorators in logan are lame.

The beginning of September is the Celebrate America Show. My mom is the marketing manager for it so we get invited to go ever year. You get delicious food and a great show for $50 a person BUT since my mom is incharge we usually get to go for free :). This year I put together the Celebrate America Show's website so we got to go for free for doing that. If you wanna check it out go to
After the show they always have a dance for couples.. there are some amazing dancers out there and it has inspired me and Devin to try and take some couples dance classes this winter since the soccer arena is gone.. maybe it's a good thing because it will give us a chance to try new things this winter.. altho I'm still going to miss indoor.
Last Saturday, September 12, we got tickets to the Real soccer game. We haven't been once this year so we were really wanting to go. We invited Devin's bro and mom to come with since they love soccer as much as we do haha.. nice to have soccer buddies..
It was a way fun game to watch. It was very intense to the end the score was 1-1. This was Elysa's first Real SLC game and she LOVED it.. whenever anyone clapped and cheered she'd clap and cheer.. if they booed she'd start booing.. it was so cute to watch her.. she was so good the whole time too.

What a fun way to end the summer. I am just sad summer is gone, I love the warmth. But I am way excited for building snowmans with Elysa and sleding.

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