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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our new addition to the family

This is Bagel..
We have been looking, for fun, for a little while for a smaller dog. Elysa loves dogs and we also wanted to have a pup that we could take everywhere with us.. poor Sabaaka is just to big, even for our van! He is about 200 lbs now ! When I'd first got him they said he'd be maybe 100 lbs tops.. that was 5 years ago.. crazy that he's 5 now. Anyways we researched alot on different small breeds of dogs we like such as: Yorkie, Carkie, Irish Terrier, Fox Terrier. Then we found beagles. We started reading up on them and found that it was the perfect breed for us. We hunt and they are good hunters, they are really good with kids, they are friendly, travel well, and aren't to big but they aren't to small either. We decided down the road we'd just have to get one then we saw this little guy and he was in Logan and we just fell in love with him and decided... why not now? Elysa loves playing with little dogs and he would make the perfect family dog.
First night we took him home Elysa couldn't stop smiling at him and she kept folding her arms and patting them, that means "loves" in her little sign language. It was so darn cute. She kept chasing him around the house and tried giving him hugs but as soon as she'd get her face close to his, his little tongue would attack her face.
We went out and got him a little crate and all the necessities, we've decided to have him mostly inside. Last night I was quite surprised, the last time I had a little puppy he yelped all night long and needed all the lights on, this little guy slept peacefully all night long and didn't mind only having a night light by his bed. Today he road around with Devin at work and then went to the park with me and Elysa.. busy day so far for a little guy.
We introduced him to Saabaka, he is the size of Saabaka's foot! But Saabaka couldn't stop wagging his tail and kept sniffing Bagel out. It was way too cute.
We love this little guy and are excited for him to be with our family and we can't wait for him to go everywhere with us. This weekend he'll experience camping!

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Brianna said...

Oh my gosh, I love your puppy!!!!! SO cute! I wish we could have one too, but we rent so we can't. :-( Someday!

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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