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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 4 year anniversary

I love anniversaries. It's a day where you can reflect back on the 1st of something. In this case it was a day I could remember marrying the one I love. I love realizing how perfect we are for eachother and how much we love one another. On September 30 Devin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.. We didn't do much because we weren't feeling so great but we wanted to make it fun. We went to Hastings and bought Devin's favorite movie:

(Devin really wants this movie to be a favorite of sisa's.) After we got sisa down to bed we popped some popcorn, put on the movie, and snuggled. It was a nice night and I really enjoyed just laying down and watching a movie with Devin. We really don't get to do that together as much and it reminded me of when we were first married.. we always snuggled and watched movies.
Devin.. I love you so much thanks for all of our memories together, I look forward to eternity with you :) mwaaa

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