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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Getaway

My parents got a camper and wanted to try it out the last weekend of September. Checking the weather report it looked like it was going to be the last warm weekend and we decided to take advantage of it. It sure was a nice getaway. Elysa enjoyed the campfire and eating roasted marshmellows. Me and Devin bought our fishing licenses since camp was right next to a small river. Usually I have luck in fishing but I realized I am just more of a big river fisher. I lost both my lures in the near.. near.. nearby bushes. It was sadening. We decided to hike around instead. Devin took Begal up a steep slope that over looked the camp, it was so cute because when Devin started heading down Begal started booking it down the trail then would put on the brakes and just slide the rest of the way as the leaves blew past him and his little ears would just fly! It was so cute!
This is a picture of me and Devin after we hiked above camp.
Here's a beautiful picture of above camp. Fall is so gorgeous. I love it!

This was sisa infront of the campfire. She loves her little chair.

We went on a fun little walk on a trail the next day. It was really nice and so pretty. The leaves, as you can tell, have just started turning. Everything was so pretty. Bagel did so good, he kept with us the whole way and really enjoyed the long walk.Here's sisa with her grandpa. She sure know's how to put on her cute.

This is Bagel after the LONG walk. He was tuckered out.

Devin had to carry him near the end he was so tired.
I thought this was the cutest picture of sisa running through the leaves. I found a cute poem that I thought fit the scene.

It was so fun to enjoy the last warm weekend. I just love being in the mountains away from our daily lives and it really makes you notice how beautiful all of our Father In Heavens creations are and I love enjoying it!

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