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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rather Random

I havent posted in a little while so I just thought I give an update. Devin's  on a soccer league here and I was realizing, we don't have ANY pictures of either of us playing soccer so I wanted to get some pictures to prove to our grand kids that we really did play soccer, were hoping to still be playing when we have grand kids lol! So here are a few fun shots of Devin at his best!

I wanted to try and get some cute pictures of Elysa while we watched Dev play. It was REALLY windy, plus Elysa just kept wanting to go play on the "Weeee" aka slide. There were TONS of people there so I couldn't get any cute shots without some weird person in the background so I gave up on that but I did get this cute photo when Elysa finally started to tucker out, she is almost impossible to get pictures of because she is such a little busy body and doesn't hold still for more than 2 seconds!

Later on that day we went to Hyrum Dam. I had to write a report for my history class on the history of something in Cache Valley. We really wanted to go to Old Ephraims grave but wasn't able to make it up there, plus we didn't want to get stuck in the mud because we heard it was still pretty muddy up there. My grandma gave me some really old history books about Hyrum and the Dam. It was actually pretty fun to read because it was stories from the pioneers rather then just straight old history facts. Our teacher wanted us to actually visit the place we were gonna right about so we could have some sort of emotional connection to our report also. So I took the opportunity to get some pictures.
I love my little sis so much! She is growing up WAY to fast! Kinda brings you to tears sometimes with how fast they grow. It's about time to bring on another little one :) Were thinking maybe next summer, we'll see! Elysa is ready tho, she carries around her little babies ( I should get photos of that huh? ). She loves to tuck them in their crib and give them kisses a nu night. It's so stinkin' cute. She's gonna be a good big sister. I just love family, especially our little family. I love that we do everything together and its so fun getting to experience new and fun things together too. We are driving to Yellowstone in July and I am SOOOOO psyched! Anyways just had to post a little something :)

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