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Friday, September 24, 2010

Being a Parent

Being a parent is the most wonderful thing. I love being a mommy and I love when my little girl calls me "mama". I love when she gets excited for me to be home and grabs my hand and says "come on mama!". I love when my little girl wants me to dance with her and I don't even care if I look like an idiot because i'm having fun with my Lysa Bear. I love when I am shopping with Elysa and I talk to her just like I would an adult asking which kind of soup we should get for dinner. I love being a "scarwee monster" and chasing my little girl around the house while she squeals and shrieks in laughter as she runs away from me. I love when Elysa wants me to hide under the blankets with her as as she waits in anticipation for her papa to scare us. I love playing games with my little girl. I love that she loves to play soccer with us and watch us play soccer. I love seeing her cheering her mama and papa on on the sidelines. I love when we are watching movies she'll come up to us and say "a hold you" because she wants to snuggle with us too. I love feeling her little arms wrapped around my neck. I love singing songs with her. The list could go on and on.. overall I just love being a parent and I wouldn't ask for anything different. I don't know anything else and I don't want to know anything else but being a mama.

The other day I had an eye opening experience. I was reading a friends blog who had read another friends blog  : I never sobbed so hard until I read this touching, sad, and inspiring story. A family lost their little girl, 18 months old, due to drowning in a canal. I couldn't EVEN imagine living without Elysa, now I hold back tears everytime I see her and remember that families story and loss. They are truely inspiring tho, they are so strong with the spirit you could just feel it from their blog. I hope I never have to endure that but I sure hope that I can be that strong and rely on the Lord as much as they have. It really made me realize life is short and you need to spend every hour you can with your loved ones. 

I Cherish life and I Cherish being a parent!

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