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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving

We started the holiday out with... dun dun dun... Black Friday.. oh boy I forgot how messy black friday is. We started at midnight at Walmart.. what a MAD house! We ended up getting some AMAZING deals tho that made it worth the wait and exhaustion. 

After Walmart.. since it was 2:30 a.m we decided to go to Kohls 3 am sale.. the ONLY reason we went was because I didn't end up getting my (hotel like ) flip waffle maker ,haha, it was only $9.99 at Walmart and they ended up all sold out. Kohls ended up having some for $9.99!! So off we went to Kohls.. after getting the last one *WOOT* and waiting in line for over an hour I got up to the register only to find out the waffle maker end up being $19.99 with a $9.99 mail in rebate! Seriously! What is the point of mail in rebates! SOOO LAME but since we waited for ever we decided.. what the heck and moved on.. yep moved on to Shopko for their 5 am sale. We went there to get the $60 OFF digital camcorder we were wanting.. I snuck my way thru a huge group of people and ended up with the LAST ONE there too! Man we were getting lucky.. we ended up getting everything on the list. We ended the day with our Tradition.. Angies. 

24 hours later we got home and my dear sweet WONDERFUL hubby let me sleep in until 1 pm since we left our daughter with her grandpa while we shopped  she was very chipper the next day while we were super exhausted.. so I REALLY appreciated my husband taking care of her while I caught some rest.. 

We spent Thanksgiving, well the first part of the day, at Nanny's. It was full of delicious food, as always! I love Thanksgiving, we'll just pretend it's not just because of the food, but I love that all the family gets together.

Here you see Sisa with all her cousins.. yes.. all of them are girls! There is only one boy, poor guy, and there are still 2 more girls missing from this photo! Wonder what we will have next???? haha

As much as I miss Elysa being a little baby I love that she is old enough to start playing with her cousins more. You could totally tell the house was full of little girls because of all the squealing and high pitched shrieks while their uncles chased them around the house.
After Nanny's we went to my parents and enjoyed yet another delicious meal with my brothers, sister inlaw, parents, and grams ( more pictures coming soon.. I just haven't gotten them all off my camera yet )

Once Thanksgiving was over we immediately went out the next day and got our Christmas Tree. Sisa has been bugging us since the beginning of November to get the Christmas stuff out. So our big ol' Christmas decor box sat in the living room while sisa tore thru it. She was SO excited to put all the ornaments on the Christmas tree. She also made us dance with her to all the Christmas tunes. I love our family! :)

The next week after Thanksgiving we completed out next family tradition.. Christmas shopping in SLC. So exhausting but so worth it. And of course my favorite part.. walking thru the lights at the temple. Elysa LOVED the lights and "Jesus' pretty castle". I was so bummed I left my camera at home but I got a pretty shot of the temple with my phone right before it died.

Aren't the holidays grand!

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