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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Potty Training 101

First of all I am sure those of you with kids or had kids know.. potty training is not the easiest most glamourous thing to do. Elysa has been showing interest to go potty since she was 1. She'd see us going potty and so she would want to too. She would go here and there but getting it to be a consistent thing just hasn't happened yet.

Saying that I have to applaud my wonderful husband, since he is a stay at home pappa right now he has taken on the task of potty training Sis. As it has been for the past year and a half Sis has shown interest and goes here and there but we just couldn't get her to do it consistently. I even made a potty chart and we would give her stickers if she went potty. That worked for a day but she soon forgot about the stickers.

So Devin has been doing some research on how to potty train and I think he may have done it! :)

He found a site that was about potty training your little one in 3 days!! One main part was to learn a potty dance and when she would go potty we would all break down into the potty dance. OH MY HECK HILARIOUS! Sis LOVES IT! She loves to dance already but she wants us to do the potty dance with her all day long. We remind her that we only do it when she goes potty so she'll immediately say " I have to go potty," and sure enough she will. SOOO proud of her. So far 2 days in and she is doing great and still loves to do the potty dance. I got a little video of her doing the dance for you to enjoy she loves it! So you know the dance goes "Step to the right, step to the left.. step... step.. Toes, hips, CELEBRATE!! DO THE POTTY DANCE" Her fav. part is " Toes, Hips, CELEBRATE".. as you can see :) ( Sorry it's sideways.. I didn't know how to change it )

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