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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spiders and thriftiness

Poor little sisa had the scare of her life a couple weeks ago. She had a little, big to her, spider land on her leg. It wasn't a poisonous one or anything just a little yellow spider, but I can' even imagine how scary that would be for a little 2 year old, I can't imagine how scary it would be if one landed on me!! So far Devin has been the one who has woke up a few times since us being married with a spider on his arm, luckily he doesn't freak out about those things but it freaks me out!

Well poor Sisa has been apparently traumatized from this experience because she woke up last night screaming, I went in to get her and she said " A spider, where'd it go??!" So I searched her whole bed and didn't find a thing, she let me turn on spongebob for her then she went back to sleep. I just feel so bad for her, what a horrible experience! 
 Well I have a crafty blog stalker maniac lately. I have seen so many creations that just got me motivated to start some of my own. The awesome and I mean AWSOME thing about these creations, is it's women taking cheap things they picked up at yard sales or D.I.'s or antique stores for dirt cheap and fixed up! So I have started some crafts of my own and have been stalking the D.I. every weekend, sometimes I sneak out during weekdays but shhhhh. Anyways these are my latest things I picked up at the D.I. and fixed up.

I really need to work on remember my before and after photos, this frame silver and I spray painted it black. My living room theme colors are a minty green, black and white. So I have been going crazy spray painting things black and white. We have a wall with built in shelving that I painted white and have been working on decorating up. Here are a few things I have been working on, I'll post the whole shelf decorations once I get them all decorated up.

 I have really been into finding fancy frames. Every once in awhile I find some cute ones at Somebody's Attic or at the D.I. The more random and fancy the better. I have a whole wall of random photo frames, that i'll post when they are finished, I just need to fill them with pictures :)
 This was one of my FAVORITE little finds. I really have a thing for birds and owls. I found this little gold owl hiding behind a bunch of glass things at the D.I. Here he is all painted up and on the shelf. He turned out better than I imagined :). I found a couple other little bird at the DI too that I need to post. I have really been crafting it up lately and I LOVE IT!

This was one of my FAVORITE big pieces that we pretty much "stole" from the DI. They have been really expensive lately I have noticed. When this rolled out on the floor while we were there I for sure thought it would be way expensive. A whole swarm of ppl gathered around it so Devin ran over to it, looked at the price tag ( $40 BUCKS!) and we snagged it. There were alot of jealous people. I was SO excited. We have big plans for it but for now it turned out really swell. I finally have a nice piece that just makes out living room. I also got the 2 mirrors at the DI, they were a creamy color that I painted black. I also found vintage looking picture frame and painted it black as well. The clock I found at a yard sale over the summer for $2 dollars.. adding this whole decor up it totals too.. $55 bucks! I am thrilled.. I love being thrifty!

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