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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lose It! * I will succeed one way or another!!

I feel like one of those "fad dieters" or something. I am always trying something and never succeeding. Soccer of course is great, crossfit is great, running is great BUT I just wasn't losing weight and I FINALLY figured out why...... I wasn't counting my calories. It always sounded like a pain in the butt and I figured "heck if I am working out why should I worry about what I am eating?" We'll I found out what you eat matters greatly! You can lose enough weight just by eating correctly than working out constantly. It's all about the calorie consumption.  Well.. maybe I did know this I just didn't want to believe it because I freakin LOVE food.. way way way too much.

Well I finally got admitted into the iphone 4 world and am loving it. I started downloading apps like crazy because it was sooo easy and decided to try and find one that would help me count my calories so that maybe, just maybe, I could start trying to lose weight seriously and.... drumroll... I found the most perfect app in the whole wide world!!!
This wonderful app lets me add the foods I eat throughout the day AND it has it already in it's categories with the calories so all I have to do is choose the food, brand (if available) and how much I ate and voila! Food has been added. I already have turned down my favorite candies, Cadbury Chocolate mini eggs, ice cream, and that one soda that could have thrown off the entire calories for the day.

It also tells me how many calories I can eat a day, how many left to go ( after I log the calories ), and if I go over how many over I am. If I go over it allows me to add an exercise routine and tells me how many calories I can lose depending on how long I work out! AMAZING!!!

If I keep on track with this I can get to my goal weight by May 14, and YES the app told me that too! Oh my heck I am so happy because it is actually helping me see just how much I eat, I never realized! I honestly didn't think I ate that many calories in a day but boy was I wrong!

This sounds conceded, but I am so proud of myself haha, I am actually turning things down and not getting that extra helping because I don't want to have to log the food into the food diary.

Anyways, just had to share that incase anyone else was interested. It also updates my facebook for me and reminds me to weigh in each week so that everyone can see my progress to help motivate me more. I look forward to May 14 and I sure better be able to say I reached my goal weight. If I don't, you all are witness and can therefore chew me out in any way possible!!

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