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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is It Spring Yet??

First of all I have to talk about my little "demon" daughter haha. That's a little harsh but man she has hit her terrible twos! She has her nice moments but her mean moments as well. Her FAVORITE words are "Stop It!" Everything is "Stop It!". 
Her normal reply to: "Sisa I love you!" was "Love you too Mama." Now it's "Stop It!"

Me: "Sisa do you want a bite?"
Sisa: "Stop It!"

Me: "Sisa do you wanna go na-night?"
Sisa: "Stop It!"

That's seriously all we hear from the kid, haha. BUT we have noticed that if we try to tire her out during the day by going on walks or letting her play at the park she takes a nap and is alot more pleasant. 

So last weekend we decided to get out and enjoy the warm weather while we could. So we packed a little picnic and went down to first Dam to feed the ducks and eat some lunch. My brother and sister in-law joined us as well so it was alot of fun. It was so nice and so fun to FINALLY get out of the house and do something. 

I am SOOO ready for spring. 

My mom and I decided to do the 5k race today to help this little guy out. It was my first run ever that actually meant something other than just heading out the door for a jog. I'll be one to admit I don't like to run unless it's in soccer but I am so glad we tried this out. It not only was fun but I am so glad to find out I was in more shape then I thought I was. I jogged the whole 5k without breaking a sweat. next time i'm thinking of trying the 10k. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would too, so I am going to be keeping my eyes open for any runs coming up.

Sisa wanted to come too. Poor thing tho, it was alot colder than we thought it was going to be. If it weren't for that dang wind it would have actually of been nice. All in all it turned out really fun and me and my mom decided we are going to do more. As I was jogging I got really excited thinking about when Sisa is older we can go on lots of runs together. I plan on doing it more :)

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