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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behind on updates

First off.. Easter.. 
I have to say easter is alot more enjoyable with a little 2 year old. She was so excited for Easter! We believe in keeping the imaginations of the Holidays but also explaining the reasoning behind the Holiday. Not to offend anyone but I really don't understand why anyone would want to take away a childs imagination by distroying Holiday traditions because they think they are lying to their kids... anyways we wont get into that :)

We started the weekend off by going to my grams in Hyrum and going to the Easter Egg hunt. I was really glad they had the little kiddy section because I was worried about kids smashing my baby girl! 
She was such a nut, as soon as the whistle blew she rans past about 20 eggs straight to the middle for the pink one! I had to help her alittle after that and she was so proud of her easter egs in her bag. I was really surprised that she REALLY wanted to see the easter bunny. I'd thought for sure that she would have been scared to death of it, but not this year!

After the hunt we went to my grams and decorated eggs and cupcakes! 

This is the newest addition to our family.. Harry Potter! ( My daughter named him, she seems to have a thing for Harry Potter.. should I be worried?) My sis-in-law said how much she has always wanted a bunny. I went along not even thinking about getting one.. but oh my heck.. as soon as I picked it up I knew we were introuble! They are soooo adorable! Maybe it's because I am baby hungry but they are so cuddly and they just let you hold them forever!

That was our fabulous easter! I know I am missing so much because I haven't written in awhile. I am also sure I could go on writing forever and ever but to spare you all i will just skrip right to last sunday and our little Sunday stroll. Here are pictures from it:

I have decided I want to start taking more pictures. I really LOVE photography.. I just need to work on it.. I think I have an alright eye at it but I know I have LOADS to learn. So I have decided practice makes perfect so I am determined to take at least 3 fun/different photos a day. Maybe to motivate myself I will try to post them on here... I just never have time to blog anymore as you can tell.. but I will work on it, even if it's a short post!

On our walk we got to this corner and I really liked the old looking sign.. plus how perfect it was with the scenery.. so I tried my hand at an object picture.

Sisa REALLY wanted to take pictures too.. she did a really good job. These were the two pictures she took:

Sisa was walking backwards and I had to get a picture of her because it was so cute but by the time I got my camera out she turned around, saw me with the camera, and started striking some poses! She is such a little Diva and is so photo genic which is good because I NEVER was!
I love this little girl!

On our way back home we went past the Devin's families old shop and saw the Internationl still sitting in the grass.. it actually made some cute pictures and of course. I just love getting pictures of my little girls personality, I don't even have to tell her what to do.. she put her arm up there all by her self and starting making her cute little faces.

Those are the minor events for now.. hopefully it wont take as long to post the next time.. I really will try harder :)

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