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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is why I love Cache Valley

As we laid on the couch enjoying a lazy Sunday our little Sisa got in our faces and BEGGED us to go on a walk.  I love it how Sisa is the one now that gets us off our duff's to do things. So we've decided we want to go on a little stroll every Sunday. We went above Hyde Park, can I just point out how much I love Hyde Park.. we've thought a few times about moving out of town or state but every time summer hits and we get to be outside again I remember just how much I love it here.

 Sisa was so excited there were puddles along the way for her to throw rocks in.. We had to stop at every one and let me tell you.. there were a lot...

 I love this picture!
I just love Hyde park!! And summer!! And the outdoors!!!!!

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