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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Thankful + 19 1/2 Weeks

Thanksgiving came and went way to fast this year.. infact this entire year, season.. everything is going way to fast. In a way I am thankful for it because I can't wait till I get to hold my 2 little babes in my arms :) But at the same time.. I don't want it to go by to quick because we have been trying to enjoy as much time as we can with just our little Sisa!

Thanksgiving day 

We headed over to Devins moms for some yummy Thanksgiving dinner. I had the task of bringing pie. We decided rather than buy store bought we were going to hand make them from scratch this year. We made an Apple Crisp, Banana Cream (my fav), and we tried a pumpkin pie cake (delicious!) Should have gotten pictures but they all turned out delicious!

After dinner at Dev's moms we went to my moms for some MORE food. Talk about being stuffed!

That is one thing I am definitely thankful for, family. I am also thankful for how close both of our families are. 

We decided to skip the FULL black friday events this year. We did go to Walmart for the 10 o'clock sale because they had $5 princess barbies! Sis really loves princess's this year. Can't wait to give them to her :) Next day we ended up hitting some stores Old Navy, Shopko, K-Mart. But that was about the extent of it this year.. I just get WAY to tired and worn out.. hmm.. wonder why?

We did get our Christmas decorations up that weekend tho :)

Sisa is really loving Christmas this year which is really exciting. She loves learning the Christmas songs and has been singing them non stop.

My work had a Christmas party the following week at Elements. The food was delicious and I stuffed myself about as much as I did for Thanksgiving; 4 course meal! Yay.. stuffed! Awesome part.. our work gave everyone Kindles!

I'd tell you how it is but....

I've been trying to get a turn from her!

19 1/2 Weeks

Now for the fun part :) We got to find out what we are having last Monday and welcome.....

Emma Marie Davis

Samuel William Davis 
( name is still up for debate haha )

We are so excited! A little boy and a little girl! We thought having a boy was impossible! But we would have never thought we were going to have twins either so I think we can officially say a miracle (or 2) was most definitely sent our way :)

Can't wait till they are officially here :)

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