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Thursday, November 17, 2011

17wks 1 day

 Getting bigger!
Not the best picture and it's just one of the babies. The doc didn't get any pics with both of them. 

We were so hoping that we could find out what they were this time. Our doc tried really hard and was only able to see/guess that Baby A was a girl. Baby B just kept it's legs crossed and did not want to show off.. we are hoping a boy? :)

BUT we have our perinatology ultrasound November 28th! That's less than a week and a half away! We thought for sure we would have to wait until the middle of December but nope! We are SOOOOOOO Excited! Can you tell?

So far, since last week, I have had some more energy.. not a whole lot but enough to start organizing like crazy!
 Organized closet ( I am just showing this half because the other half is still in need of work ). BUt I got all my shoes in bins as well as all my clothes ( yes there are 2 bins or shoes that are mine and yes I have the shelf and the dresser as well as the other wall of clothes... I know.. I have a problem.. my poor hubby!) Anyways, it's so nice to be organized!
 I also started organizing all my art stuff. Here is the shelf they will go on, they will be going in our other room since this room is now going to be the twins room. But my art desk was a mess! This will help alot ( should have gotten before and after pics of all of these huh?)
And lastly... this is going to be the twins dresser/changing table that we got at a yard sale last Saturday for $10!! I was soo stoked! I am going to paint it white and it's going to have hints of turquoise antiquing on it to match the upper part of the walls. I also want to try and find some cutesy knobs to go on it ( or I may just spray paint the ones currently on there ). Anyways.. can't wait till it's done. Can't wait till the entire room is done! But I am waiting to do curtains and bedding until I know for sure what we are having.

That's kind of it for now.. Nothing new. OH Zantec works wonders! But I still have hints of indigestion here and there even when I take it so my doc is getting me some samples for something a little heavier, but they were out so I have to go in next week and pick it up.

Now that's it! Peace out!

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