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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

24 Weeks and feeling very pregnant

I'm only 24 weeks and I am starting to feel like I am 34 weeks pregnant. Simple tasks are getting so much harder to do, like getting dressed, putting socks on, putting shoes on, standing for even just 5 minutes I get really light headed and need to sit down. Grocery shopping has to take only 20 minutes, no longer, or my stomach gets really heavy and my legs just can't take anymore. I feel like a huge whimp! But I know I can't push it either because these babies need to stay put for at least 13 more weeks.

Crazy when I think that that's all I really have left.. is 13 more weeks. That's when I had my first ultrasound and found out I was having twins! Now I am 6 months pregnant!

* Random note because I just sneezed. I HATE sneezing.. my whole belly tightens up and the twins don't like it either.. plus they really hurt now. Devin is  sure that that is how I am going to go into labor LOL*

I am CONSTANTLY tired. I go to bed at 9 pm, go to work for only 3 hours ( 9am-12pm ) come home and take a 2 hour nap and I am STILL exhausted and tired. We stay home ALOT now and just watch a heck of a lot of TV.. which I feel makes me more tired just lazing around.. but I can't move much either or else I feel worn out tired.. so it's a lose lose situation haha.

Oh I didn't post: The ultrasound for my lymphnode came back negative so I am in the clear :) Everything looked good.

Having even more horrible heart burn but Dexilant, my new prescribed medication, helps alot. Indigestion is less which is nice.

I feel the babies move ALOT ALOT ALOT. My belly jumps like crazy too and it's very visible. One is VERY low which is extremely uncomfortable because anything I wear just bugs that little baby and they'll kick kick kick at the waist band. And one is very high always kicking me in the ribs. They like to kick ALL day long and settle down at night which is good.. altho when I roll from side to side whoever is on that side kicks at my side I can only assume saying " your squishing me! Rollover!" but that's also a lose lose because whatever side I am on happens to be where someone else is lying lol.

And lastly.. we thought we were so firm on the names but we changed.. one last time [ at least we hope ]. Our little boy is still going to be:
Henry William Davis
But out little girl has changed from Emma Marie to:
Hazel Marie Davis

Reason for changing? While at Nanny's ( my husbands grandma's ) we found out that their was also an Emma in the family which made naming her Emma exciting because we are trying to use names that have family ties. While going down the family tree we found that Emma was Hazel's grandma who was Nanny's mom. If I am getting this right ( because that always confuses me ) It goes down the line starting with Emma:

( We can't remember the name that goes here )

ANYWAYS.. we heard Hazel and both loved it. We know a close friend naming their little girl Emma as well and we really are trying to go for uncommon names so we decided since we love Hazel so much.. lets switch now :)

So that is why we are going with Hazel Marie. Woo.. did you get all that!?

Ta, ta for now..

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