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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elysa's Dance & 26 week update

Lys is our little dancer. She loves loves loves to dance and perform, and she's really good at it too :) So we decided it was time to get her into dancing. We signed her up at Lashar's. She goes ever Wednesday from 10-10:45. We got to watch her for the last 15 minutes of her first class and OH MY HECK it was adorable!

I was so proud of her because she picked up really quick and (even tho I know she is VERY vocal at home) was surprised at how vocal she was in class. She participated in everything really well and talked to the teacher alot. 

She learned a cute little dance to a song called "Gold Fish" [ I REALLY need to post the video of her doing it]. I found the song for her at home and now she wants to perform it for EVERYONE. I was proud she remembered the whole thing too.

And of course, every mother deserves bragging rights.. right? Well I have to brag :) Lys's dance teacher told us she was so impressed by Elysa because she listened and learned better than some of the other little girls who have been there for months. So there is my proud mother moment :)

I forgot when you sign up for dance that's it's more than just signing up to learn to dance. You have to get the dance clothes & shoes and they aren't exactly cheap BUT she is worth it :) All the little girls had dance backpacks with their names on them so they knew where to find their shoes when it was time to switch so I decided to make Lys her own dance bag. She really loves Angelina Ballerina so we had to put that on her bag :) She has a dance recital in May and I am SOO excited for it. We got her little costume yesterday and OH MY HECK it is adorable!

I am officially 26 weeks now!

I know at times it doesn't seem like it, but when I look back, time sure is flying! These babies will be here before we know it! I've been told several times to just enjoy life as it is right now, and I sure am trying, but it is getting harder! I just want these babies here because it is so hard to not be able to hug my hubby or baby girl close, I am not allowed to pick her up anymore either which is soooo hard because I love her big bear hugs! I can't stand for more than 15 minutes without hurting to the point of tears. We can't go out much anymore [which is fine, it saves money right? ;) ] I do ALOT of laying on the couch, which is what my doc told me I had to do too, it gets old. THANK GOODNESS for all our winter shows or I would literally go crazy! I can't really craft or sew anymore because sitting up for too long starts to really hurt and I get contractions alot.

I have to say to my WONDERFUL AWESOME HUSBAND: I am so glad I have him because he has been amazing to me. He takes such good care of me, he cleans the house, does the dishes and laundry, organizes everything, gets Lys dressed and to dance class, goes grocery shopping.. literally.. he does EVERYTHING since I can't do anything. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT HIM!!

As you can see my belly is getting HUGE. I have no belly button anymore lol.. the babies move like CRAZY which is the one thing I really love about this experience. I love feeling their little fingers brush around in my belly and feel their little kicks and punches. My belly literally looks like it's a jungle gym in there.. it shakes from side to side. It's fun to watch. :)

We had our development ultrasound on Tuesday and it was amazing! We got to see the babies in 3d and the detail! Oh the detail! It made me wanna hold them :)

This is Henry

He already looks like his papa :)

That cabbage looking thing covering his eye is Hazels head. She was being super shy and would not roll over for even a second so we didn't get to see her little face at all. I was a little bummed.

They are both looking great and healthy and are now 2lbs each :) So everything is going great! And I just love seeing them.

On the way home Lys was looking at the Ultrasound pictures and said " I AM SO EXCITED"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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