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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunday Best & Happy Mothers Day!

May 6, 2012 }

we decided to finally get back to church. We got the kids all dressed up for their first day of church. I tried to get photos, I wanted them together but taking pictures of 1 baby let alone 2 was hard enough! They just didn't want to work with me. But still, every one of their little faces is cute to me :)

 Growing-1 month }

All my kids are just growing up too fast! I got pictures of them when they were first born in the baskets but I had them all swaddled up so you can't really tell how much they have grown ( i'll do better at getting pictures of just them from now on so you can all see just how big they are getting).

Sisa had to have a picture taken too.. this is a classic Sisa face

Mothers Day }

I woke up to some fun surprises from my cute little family. Sisa got me a card that sings a song  and she made me the cute little butterfly magnets. She was SO excited to give them to me. She made them with her Grandma D, 2 days before, and when she got home with them all wrapped she hid them under her bed and said "Mama, you can't look under my bed, OK?"

I can't believe how patiently she waited too! Devin told her that morning she could get me my surprise now and she ran to her room and ran out all excited and told me to hurry and open them. Oh I also got some chocolates that she too excitedly helped me eat lol.

Devin surprised me with some many colors of nail polish :) Now that it's warming up I can wear my flip flops and show off my amazing talent at painting toes [ i'm not really amazing, I just pretend I am ;) ]

We enjoyed the sunshine by going to the park with my brother and sis-in-law.

Sisa made sure to tell me how much she loved me and how good of a mama she thinks I am :') *Brought tears to my eyes

My mothers day was very special. Not that I don't realize it already, but it made me realize even more just how much I love being a mama! I just love my kids SOOOO much! They sure are special to me!

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