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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ran a 5k!

First of all.. what the heck happened to blogger! Now I have to try and figure out how to change things!

2nd of all.. it's been awhile! But can you blame me? I have 3 kids and am back at work :/ no fun! [ Just about the work part, having 3 kids is actually really fun :) ]

So the question everyone asks, how is it having twins? Well you know what, it's actually been really nice! It has it's moments like when they are both screaming their little cute heads off because they are hungry but other than that.. they are good babies. They are starting to be more aware now of everything and they notice us more which is way fun.

They both are starting to develop their own little personalities. It's so crazy because they are definitely 2 different babies! 


1] is long and lanky
2]  likes being awake 
3] loves to stare at you
4] is very wiggly
5] isn't fond of bath time
6] loves his plug
7] really strong, he can already hold himself up on his forearms
8] can hold his head  up really well
9] really likes to be held, infact he prefers to be held ( fussing may occur if not held ha ha)
10] enjoys belly time

1] Hazel is our little dough girl haha, she is such a little chunker!
2] loves bath time
3] likes being in her swing
4] likes being swaddled
5] is alright hanging out by herself under her dome toy (whatever you wanna call it, the blanket that looks like a dome with the arches and hanging toys... ya... you know what I am talking about right?)
6] is easy to soothe

We love them!

So last weekend me and my sis in law Becky ran this 5k for my friend:

I have played soccer with Tessa for a long time. She is such a strong awesome girl! You can read her story here. This is her 3rd battle with cancer!

It was such a great experience and we enjoyed getting to get out together and get some exercise :) Lys joined us too in the jogging stroller! 

It was at the Heritage West Center. It had rained the night before and the trail was on a gravel path that went thru a giant dirt ( now mud! ) field for about a quarter mile of the run. It gave us quite a work out pushing the stroller thru the thick mud. The poor stroller was CAKED and I mean CAKED with mud. Lys loved it!

At the end we got powdered with color! That was Lys's favorite part :)

It was loads of fun and I plan on doing more throughout the summer! 

I AM BOUND AND DETERMINED TO LOSE WEIGHT! Right now that is the only post-partum depression I am having right now lol. I know that I have OBVIOUSLY lost loads of weight being that I just had twins and all.. but it's hard when I worked SO hard after having Lys to lose tons of weight, then to watch my weight while I was pregnant with twins and still end up being stuck with more weight than I was expecting.. sigh.. 

but my babies are worth it :) And I have no problem working for it, just means i'll be that much tougher right?

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Breezie said...

Woman, you look GREAT from what I can see! Haha, I know you have a sweatshirt on, but your face doesn't look massive!
And GOOD FOR YOU for running a 5k already! go you!!!

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