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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hardware Ranch | 9 & 10 Months


Sunday 19,2013

We decided since the weather was actually so nice and it was sunny out that we'd get out and enjoy it. Lys has never been to Hardware Ranch to see the elk so we decided to take the kids on a little adventure. The drive was gorgeous, the snow was so crisp, sparkly and white! We got there right before the rush hit thank goodness. I don't think I have ever been on the sleigh ride, at least that I can remember, and Lys really wanted to go on it so we decided what the heck :) I'm glad we did it was so much fun and you got right up and personal with the elk.

Here are some pictures from our little adventure. I was SO bummbed, I was trying to take pictures with Henry in my arms and I didn't even pay attention to the settings my camera was on and they are all totally washed out.. all well.. at least they still show the memories :)

I love getting to do things with my little family!

I missed out on the twins 9 months and as always I can't believe they are 10 months now! They are learning so much and already trying to walk! Little stinkers! They love to pick on each other. Hazel used to be the bully but Henry is just as bad now. If Hazel has something he wants, he just goes over and takes it from her. They have no problems pushing each other out of the way too! The funniest is they seriously LOVE food. They are like little puppy dogs when we have food, they crawl over to us, tongues hanging out, whimpering and begging. Once they get up to us they literally crawl on top of each other, push each other down or out of the way just to get to the food first. It's pretty comical!

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