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Monday, March 11, 2013

St. George

We went to St. George a couple weeks ago. My mother-in-laws friend had a time share that she couldn't use so she offered it to her and of course we took the chance to go with! We went March 1st-5th! It was a well needed vacation. Between work and the cold it was time to get away!

The timeshare we stayed in was beautiful! It had a big living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Very roomy! It also had a pool!

Swimming was the kids favorite! The pool was heated so it was wonderful!
We certainly tired the kiddos out!

We of course went out to eat... ALOT! We took Lys to Red Lobster because she really wanted to see the live lobsters. When we got there we noticed the entire blocks lights were out including Red Lobster. We went in and they said the power had been out for over and hour and they weren't sure when it would turn back on. So we decided to try else where because we were starving! We headed to Outback which was right across the street and right as we got there we noticed the lights pop on at Red lobster! So we headed back over QUICKLY and they got us on the list. We were sitting there 10 min when the lights went out again :( for about 30 minutes they kept going off and on  when finally they stayed on and we got seated and enjoyed a delicious meal! We were all just really tired from the long long long... long wait. But it was well worth it!

The next day we drove thru snow canyon and spent most the day at the Sand Dunes. We could have stayed there forever. It was nice and warm :)

 Henry was really concernced about the sand and didn't want to get on it. I burried his foot and he had a little freak out until I showed him that you can unbury it haha.

Henry just wanted to be held and preferred to watch the fun. It was pretty darn cute tho. He was VERY worried about Hazel. He did not like that she just crawled around in the sand and would get very nervous for her. She rolled down the hill with him watching and he freaked out. Looks like we have a protective brother on our hands :)

Hazel (a.k.a Nug or Nugget ) LOVED the sand. She had no fear and plowed right thru it!

However she did prefer to try and eat the sand.

Lys of course had a blast in the sand.

She had to make a sand angel.

Fun in the Sand

It was such a fun trip and I miss it already! I can't wait for warmth!!!!!

I was proud of our kids tho. Both ways they were wonderful. It was an 8 hour drive! But they did great. Slept most the time. Well except Lys who LITERALLY talked Grandma D's ear off for the entire 8 hours.. no joke.. that girl can talk!

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