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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Devin's 28!

First off I am SOO behind on blogging... i've said it before but when i'm pregnant I just lose all ambition to do stuff.. I am just SO tired.. so alas.. you are going to get a ton of late blog posts in the next couple weeks lol...  But to start off with I missed this guys birthday post. 

His birthday was March 14 ( ya I am that far behind)

He is just so special to me and I love him so much. He is an amazing father. I didn't ever know a guy could be so darn good with kids but man.. he sure know's what he's doing!

Our kids sure love their papa too!

I of course didn't get any pictures of this birthday shin dig :( No ambition to pull out the camera aaaand my phone was dead.

But it was an awesome party! I got him a Pizza Oven that my work just released so we had a big ol' pizza party! Tons of family came which made it all the more fun. After pizza and cookies we played some knock Rummy until about midnight! Devin's mom ended up winning the $30 pot! It was an awesome night and a fun birthday. Glad he enjoyed it and i'm even more glad he stole my heart and made me his :)

(Gooshy enough? lol)

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