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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Dancer

This little girl was meant to dance!

I am so glad because I always wanted to be a dancer and did dance when I was little but for some reason never kept up with it. Soccer ended up taking over but every once in awhile I sure miss dancing. But I'm glad I have kids because we can all just dance around the house and I can get my fill ;)

We are thinking of finding her a new Dance school for next year, not that we dont' love where she is at because we do, but we just feel the dances are just so unchallenging for her and they wont really move her up. She can do so much more and we feel that every dance she does is pretty much the same as the last just to a new song. So if anyone has any dance school recommendations?

Here are her Dance photos.. I must admit, I was slightly disappointed when we received her pictures. We pay before we get them and to be honest I thought the little setup they had this time looked so professional and cute. I was excited to get them in hoping they would be less "school picture like". But they turned out worse :(

The editing and lighting was horrible and her poor face is all blurry!

I'm not one of those parents to complain about stuff like this, I know I should, but I would have had to complain to her teacher and I just figured I'd just take my own..

So that's what I did. And I think it turned out tons better! I was just bummed they just made her sit in a chair. They told her a pose but when she didn't get what they were saying, instead of showing her they just sat her in a chair.. I wasn't impressed.. especially because I know she is such a good poser infront of the camera if you just let her do her thing or if you show her what you mean. 

Her dance recital was really cute.
All the little girls danced to Disney Songs. Lys's group danced to Kiss the Girl & Under the Sea.

I don't want her to grow up just yet but I am really excited to see her progress and where she goes with dance!

Here's her dance to Under the Sea! She is the 4th from the right. I was so proud of her because she did the dance so well and followed her teacher :)

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