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Friday, April 26, 2013

We're having.......

Incase some of you missed it. We found out on Tuesday that we are having..

A Little Mister!

This couldn't have worked out more perfect! I secret always wanted lots of kids when I was younger and if I was going to have a lot 4 sounded good as long as it was 2 of each. After having my first 2 kids sounded a lot more ideal for us but obviously someone had other plans for our little family and I got my childhood dream family after all :)

{ Little mister covering his face }

{ Profile pictures }

He's a strong little guy. I have been feeling him move since about 17 weeks and I mean really move, not just little flutters. Devin could even feel him kicking! He's constantly moving too and prefers to move the most at night when I just lay down in bed.

Lys already loves him and is so excited. The other night she kissed my tummy and read him a little story :) She is such a good big sis.

Can't wait to meet him in person!

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