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Monday, September 2, 2013


This girl started Kindergarten August 22! I can't even believe I have a kindergartener!

I'm also really proud of this girl. This is a total Mommy Brag Moment for me :) But at kindergarten assessments, where they test the kids to see where they are at and how to place them in classes, she scored 3rd highest out of ALL the kindergarteners. I was so proud! We wanted to tell her but we didn't want it to go to her head ;) haha.. I just told her she did really good because for some reason she thought she missed alot and got alot of zeros.. which i'm wondering if in this case zeros might have been good haha.. 

She has been SO excited all year and when it was finally the day to go she just went into the class like she owned it. She just loves school and was really sad that she didn't have school Friday or Monday for the Labor Day holiday.

She's already made a couple friends, Favor & Julie. She says she plays with them at recess. Her favorite game to play at recess is "Sharks". She gets so excited to come home and tell us all about her day.

I don't know if I really wish I was sad that she is so grown up and loving school but I was just as excited for her to start school as she was. I think it's mostly because I know how eager of a learner she is. Everyday she was wanting us to help her and teach her something new so I just knew that she would love school so much so I think that's why I was excited.. mostly for her and her new adventures.

I was always such a shy timid kid and never involved myself very much so to see her just blossom and make friends so easily makes me smile :)

She made an awesome achievement for herself this school week tho! She has been telling us since school started that if your good you get a gold star but if your REALLY good your name sticker goes on your teachers shirt and you get to take it home after. Well she has been trying ALL week to get her name on her teachers shirt and on Thursday she jumped out of Grandma D's car and ran and showed us her sticker on her shirt saying that she was EXTRA good.. so she had gotten her name on her teachers shirt just like she wanted too. I was really proud of her :)

My baby is all grown up!

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