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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That one summer where we did alot

So I have been MIA, if you haven't noticed. It's sadly almost been 2 months since I have posted anything! AND ALOT has happened this summer. I have just been exhausted from this pregnancy and chasing the kids that blogging was the last thing on my mind. It was on my mind.. but the further I put it off, the more activities that came up and the further I got behind which made me put it off that much more lol.

So I am just going to do a quick recap on everything just so I can say that I posted about it and make myself feel better :)

So lets start with the 4th of July week....

My dad came up to visit for the week. It was fun getting to have him and he loved getting to see all the grandkids.

We started it out by going to Bear Lake...

Later that week we went to the zoo...

It was the twins first time at the zoo and they loved it :)

Then there was the cruise in which my dad loved. He used to live in Cache Valley WAY BACK WHEN he was in college so it'd been awhile since he'd seen it (He lives in Boise ID)

And here's all his kids, spouses, and grandkids :) It was fun having getting everyone together at once. This RARELY happens with me and my bros.

July 20-22 we went to..

(Picture overload)

The children got VERY dirty

Buffalo just walking along the side of the road

They really loved the hiking backpacks the got carried around in

Ended the trip with with suckers from the candy store in Jackson :)

We didn't see any bears this year but we saw lots of Elk, buffalo, we saw a coyote that I SWEAR was a wolf... it was from a distance but it just looked HUGE... and then we saw a cute little fox.

I just love Yellowstone/Jackson!

Happy Birthday To Me!
August 11

I had an awesome birthday. It was kinda a 3 day birthday bash..
On Friday my MIL took me and Lys to get mani's and pedi's :) Now i'll have cute toes for when baby Roman gets here :)

I also got my silhouette.. FINALLY!

That night we snuggled on the couch and played Mario Kart, me & Lys's fav game :)

Saturday night my aunt treated us to an RSL game and watched the kids for us. I love getting to be with my man and as much as I missed having my kids with us it was nice getting to watch the game without interruption ;)

Sunday, for my actual birthday, my husband had gotten me a birthday cake because no birthday is complete without a birthday cake!

My brother and sis-in-law gave me that beautiful necklace for my b-day. It has all my kids names on it. BTW we have went with Roman Alexander for our new little one :)

That night my mother in law thru me an ice cream birthday party and we just gotta chill outside and enjoy what's left of summer. 

It was an awesome Birthday!


Even tho Lys knew she was having a birthday party she told us she really wanted to be surprised on her birthday. She had been looking forward to it all week and started the countdown after my birthday. It was pretty cute. We got some balloons rigged up on her door so she would be surprised in the morning with a shower of balloons :) I dreamt all night about missing getting it on video and woke up before she did that morning, was at the door with my phone and just as I was getting it on video mode.. she opened the door.. and I missed it :( go figure lol.. it was still cute tho.

Lys is always stealing my phone and watching movies and playing games on it. We finally decided it was time for her to have her own, so we got her an ipod. She hasn't put that thing down since :) It's nice when you get them presents they actually enjoy and play with. She told me she loves her new "phone" (she calls it her phone since it looks like my iphone) as much as she loves me lol... i'm just glad she loves it.

That night we had Lys's bday party.
Lys decided she wanted to have a Blue's Clues Birthday party.

Once all the cousins got their they each got their own "Handy Dandy Notebook" and had to find 3 of Blue's Clues to find out that Blue wanted Lys to blow out the candles on her cake.

Lys got really spoiled with all her presents and had such a fun birthday party!

The kids all gotta play games and win little prizes.

She had such a special birthday surrounded by all her family. It was a really good day for her and when I asked her if she'll always remember it she told me: " Well I took pictures of everything and all the people!" duh to me right lol.. glad she loved it :)

Whew... what a post.. lets hope I don't get that behind again!

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