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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dallas lost :(

Elysa is now officially a football fan. Not only did she cry when I took her away from watching football with her grandpa and her daddy but when grandpa announced to her 4 different times that the Dallas Cowboys lost her little sad lip popped right out! I wish I could have gotten a better video but I was laughing so hard. To think she actually understood and was sad that the Dallas lost haha!

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The Stokes said...

Hey! It's your cousin Erin! It's been a long time! Your baby is such a cutie, it looks like you have another Dallas fan on your hands.

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

Elysa's Favorite Video! She asks for it by pointing at the computer and yelling "Apples!Apples"