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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas portraits

Funny how when I was a kid me and my brothers dreaded having family portraits. We didn't understand the point of getting all dressed up and wasting an hour just for a photo. Now that I have a daughter I understand what its all about. You want to have those memories of your family captured to look back on. You want to make sure to capture every year of your children. Now I feel bad for my mom, sorry mom. I know now that she just wanted to capture those moments cause now were all grown up. I'm glad she did because it's fun to go back and look at those pictures and see how little we all were. 
  Me and Devin have decided, like many I'm sure, that every christmas we will get a family photo. We also have started a picture frame ornament collection on our Christmas tree and we want to have a family photo in each one every year and when Elysa is older with kids of her own we will put grandchildren's photos in there until the entire tree is taken up with family photos.
  I am excited for Christmas and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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