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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Elysa and her cousin "Tof"
Thanksgiving is the best and worst time of the year haha. Best cause you get food and get to see family. Worst cause you get tons of food and your pants get all that much tighter ;).
It was so fun to have family over. We had fun with the cousins. As you can see they had fun getting Elysa ready for Thanksgiving by doing her hair. The night before we stayed up till 2 a.m. playing "stripoly" as my uncle calls it (tripoly) . We then had a Wii golf tournament till 2 a.m thanksgiving night. And of course there is always the 5 a.m. black friday shopping. We were supposed to go with Devin's family but everyone got really sick after thanksgiving dinner. Thank goodness we didn't! So instead we went at 8 am after Elysa refused to go back to sleep I think she was just so excited for us to go pick her out toys for Christmas haha. I ended up finding alot of really good deals!

It always amazes me, tho, how crazy people get on Black Friday. We were driving home at 2 am and passed Kohles and there were people already sitting out in the cold rain in front of the doors and the store didn't even open until 4 a.m. not to mention they were only giving out a $10 gift card PLUS inorder to use the $10 gift card you have to spend a certain amount. I've gotten $10 gift cards in the mail from kohles... so not worth waiting out in the cold just for 10 bucks. Plus I just couldn't believe hearing on the news how crazy people get on Black Friday tho. One man was squished after a crowd knocked down the entrance doors at a walmart ( which is why I don't go to walmart anymore on black friday especially after the one year I almost got punched in the face by some people and I was just sitting on the out skirts watching cause I didn't even want anything. I just went with my mother in law so she could get a good deal on a camera.) And another inccident happened when 2 guys shot eachother in a toy store! So sad on what the world is coming too!

Well besides all the chaos Thanksgiving is a fun time of the year!

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