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Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week!

Having a husband that knows when to be optimistic and to rely on the Lord really helps in tough times. This past week has been insane! As I posted before last Thursday our basement flooded and then the deal with my car being dumb. We were hoping that would be the end of our rotten luck. Well.. Saturday was Devins birthday and we had a fun day planned to go to the Mayan. We thought only about 4 other ppl besides us were coming but turned out there was going to be 15 ppl coming.. so I decided I'd better call the Mayan and make reservations. I called and just our luck they don't take reservations for Saturdays and it would be a 2-3 hour wait. So we decided against that and decided we'd go on Sunday instead because we were all really excited to go to the Mayan especially since I had never been. Me and Devin still wanted to make a day out of Saturday and went to SLC anyways since my parents were there and we planned to get a hotel. 
  Here was the scary and rather ironic part... we took Devins little Honda hatchback because my car needed break pads. Devin usually drives but since it was his birthday I decided to drive to give him a break. We got to the exit to SLC and as I was going to slow down to the light I pressed the breaks and.. nothing.. I freaked! I thought maybe I was pressing the clutch peddle instead.. nope.. there were NO breaks! I was surprised at myself though because I didn't panic and I just started down shifting as we scarily got closer to the cars infront stopped at the red light and had to eventually E break to a stop. There was a Pep Boys ( car parts store) right off the exit amazingly and Devin is such an amazing mechanic he was able to fix the car. He said it was a blessing and miracle because it would have normally taken him 2 hours to fix the car part and there always seems to be something difficult to get parts off like rusted or stripped bolts but everything went smoothly and he got the part off in 45 min and we were able to get back on the road safely. It was so scary but we knew someone was looking out for us :)
It didn't end there tho.. So when we get to the hotel we had planned to pay cash and took the money out of our checking account and left the rest in our savings so we'd be fine. The hotel said they were just taking our card info and not charging it because we wanted to pay cash but then they accidently charged it.. ugh! We eventually got that taken care of tho. Well Sunday we get to the Mayan.. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. We had a snooty waiter who wouldn't let one of our guest order what she wanted, she just wanted something lite and all they had that was lite was off the kids menu.. but our waiter said " Your not allowed to order that.. our manager will come question you" um.. why can't you order what you want.. your the paying customer right? Also we told him it was Devins birthday assuming he'd have the Mayan do SOMETHING special for him.. instead he just said in a snooty tone " oh happy birthday" and walked off.. How sad huh? so I went and asked the front desk if they do anything special for birthday's and they said it's up to your waiter.. so I knew nothing would happen there. Well we finally got our food and we all took 2 bites of it.. it was hard and cold and tasted stale.. It was horrible and the waiter put an extra 18% on all our tickets to cover his tip.. horrible huh?

Sorry Devin! Next year we'll make your birthday GREAT and make sure its NOT at the Mayan!
Well here are some cute pictures of our baby girl from the weekend.. we both agreed that she makes life so much happier and better.. all we have to do is look at her and all our stress and sadness disappears with her giant happy grins!

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Sabs said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I just love that little girl and Mally adores her! Now to convince Shane to have another one........hahahaha. Super cute blog! I just love it!

This is my digital Scrapbook. And.. yeah.. i designed the papers and stuff myself :) sweet huh?

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