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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We went to Idaho with my parents for Easter to visit the family. While in town I couldn't resist this cute outfit for Elysa, apparently she liked it to, she was so excited to have pictures in her cute new easter outfit. 
She had so much fun with her cousins Benjamin, Noah, Thomas and baby Jacob. You can see here that Elysa was a little tougher than the boys thought.. she sure could pinch.. poor Noah.. but they all did such a cute job entertaining eachother.
Saturday after visiting Aunt Amy and having a delicious meal ;).. we stopped at the Alligator farm. I had no idea alligators could live in Idaho in such a cold climate. It was WAY windy! When we first got there not a single gator was moving and we all thought for sure they were just statues.. you couldn't even see if they were breathing.. after about giving up on the gators cause we thought they were fake something was swimming towards us.. once it finally got towards sore we all saw it was a living gator..  we were all in awe and excited so we decided to stick around a little longer and look around... on the higher pond there were gators moving all over.. it was so crazy and cool! Me and Devin were noticing the fence surrounding the gators and how it was starting to curl at the bottom.. after that we all started walking more cautiously around the canal on the other side of the fence wondering if there were gators hiding out on the other side of the fence by us and we decided to high tailed it out of there.. but it was a fun adventure.
Easter Sunday wasn't so fun for me. I have been on an Isagenix diet where you go on a 9 day detox and you drink the Isagenix and eat lite for 9 days.. so the days prior to the weekend ( I started Monday the 6th and have lost 5 pounds and 1 inch off my waist I might add ;)  ) I had eaten really lite meals and that weekend there was so much food! I couldn't resist myself and I think I had over done it. I had the worst stomach ache and eventually threw up everything I'd eaten from the weekend :( Sorry Grandma Jean.. I really made a mess.. Oh and Thanks mom for buying me the "Duck Jammies". I really didn't think I'd need to bring extra clothes since we were only gonna be in Idaho for 2 days so I just brought the same jeans.. I am a horrible packer and always forget the neccessities.. I was too concentrated on making sure I had everything for Devin and Elysa I forgot about me haha. Anyways so I sucked it up and we went to the Falls.. It was a beautiful day.. I just felt dumb walking around in Duck Jammies haha.. But the Falls were beautiful and there was so much water.. I hadn't been there in such a long time.. I think the last time was when I was 6 or 7.. My parents were saying that they hadn't seen the Falls with that much water in a long time. It was also nice to visit Derky's ( I have no idea how to spell it) Lake.. I really haven't been there since I was a kid.. My mom used to take me and my brothers there all the time and we'd catch blue gill minos.. those were the good ol' days. 

Overall, besided the Sunday sickness, it sure was a fun weekend.. it makes me so excited for summer vacations.. now if it would only warm up!

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