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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eat at Joes Crab Shack

Saturday April 25, 2009
Me and Devin had our first outdoor soccer games in SLC. Devin had 2 games one at 8:30 so... we had to get up at 5:30 AM just to get to the game... sigh I was so tired but we love soccer that much haha. Devin's first game went into penalty kicks.. me and Elysa watched from the car cause it was COOOOOOOOLLLDDD. When Devin stepped up as one of the shooters me and Elysa were chanting ( well I guess just me ;) ) " Keep it down keep it down keep it down!" ( Devin is notorious for his shots going OVER the goal instead of in haha.. he used to play defense and as a defender when the ball comes to you you CLEAR it so that the offense can't get the ball.. for those of you who don't know much about soccer when I say "clear" the ball what I mean is you just kick the ball as hard as you can to get it on the other side of the field ;)  ) so that is why Devins shot always go OOOVVEERR the goal!
So me and Elysa were telling papa to "keep it down..!" and he did :) he got his first goal of the season! Elysa clapped for him, she just loves clapping now it's her favorite. All you have to say is "Yaaaaay baaaaby" and she starts clapping it's cute.
My game was at 12:15 and we won 6-1.. yay! It was cold and wet tho.. I was ice soaked to the bone! Elysa stayed with her aunt and uncle Vance ( Thanks for watching her!) and she got to go to RC Willey and get a hot dog.. oh sorry.. a FREE hot dog ( my uncle is notorious for taking the family out to lunch.... to RC Willey... cause it's FREE.. haha). Devins last game was at 2:15 and he got soaked to the bone also.. Me, Chris ( Devins mom), Britton ( Devin's little bro), and Elysa sat in the car on the sidelines siping down carmel apple cider from Starbucks. They lost 3-0 :(.. 
Because we had games in SLC we decided to get RSL ( real Salt Lake) tickets to the game especially since they were half price ( we found out why later). We had planned after the games to go to the hotel and shower then eat then go to the game but we were all so starving so we decided to head to "Eat at Joes Crabshack" then we'd go to the game.
These pictures are from Eat at Joes:

Elysa was so ready to eat.

Elysa pleading with her puppy dog eyes for some french fries (she loves french fries)

Devin with his "Let's Get Crackin' " bib on and his giant pot of crab legs.

Britton with his bib and giant pot of crab legs.

So after we ate we decided to skip the game because we were tired, full, and it was freezing... we didn't want lil' Lysa to freeze! So we headed to the hotel! What a fun day even tho it was freezing!

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