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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Hunting Experience

I've been asked " How can you love hunting? You know killing bambi and all?" For me it's much more than that. I love to be in the outdoors.
I mean.. how could you not love god's beautiful creation? We hiked a good 2 hours up Hyde Park Canyon to get this view.. breath taking!

So here's our little hunting adventure story:
Day 1: Saturday, October 21 2010
We drove up to the Sinks. We drove around for 8 hours! We saw only 1 deer.. well I saw it. There were SOOO many people out and about but the back country was pretty. We decided to take a detour up to Old Ephraims grave since I have never been before.
Doesn't she look adorable in her little makeshift "dress" orange haha.
Elysa loved the big statue and especially the story of the "scawee bear!"
Day one was full of fun, ALOT of driving but in the end unsuccessful .

Day 2: Sunday October 22 2010
We decided to head up Hyde Park Canyon. We did alot of sitting in a nice, warm, car :) Mostly because we didn't want to drag Elysa out in the cold. We ended up seeing about 15 doe that day tho which was a HUGE difference then the day before. We drove around a little bit but gave up at dark and went home.

Day 3: Monday October 23 2010
We went up Hyde Park Canyon again and ended up seeing about 15 doe again.. we are assuming it was the same group. That morning 2 buck were shot by some hunters a few miles from us.. so that gave us some hope. But noon came around and nothing, no buck, and we were starving. At around 3 we were able to find a babysitter, devins wonderful mom, and Devin, his dad, and I decided to ditch the car and hike around. We were hiking up a mountain and, of course, aaaaallll the way across on an other mountain were a group of deer, to far to shoot at and identify. So we decided to hike over and try to get closer. About an hour later we got up the other side and to the spot we saw the deer.. but they were gone. :( We did spot either the same group or different group a little further up.. there was about 9 of them this time, there were 6 before. All doe as far as we can tell. After enjoying the view and chillin, literally, on the mountain for 45 minutes we decided dark was approaching and we headed back down to the car.

About 20 yards from the car, while I was being all bummed out for not getting to shoot my gun once haha, I looked up and spotted a group of deer on a ridge about 60 yards away from us. 2 were buck! So we shot, and we thought i'd hit one, my first deer! So we ran after them, 30 minutes later after chasing them down trying to figure out if we got one or not, the sun went down.

We went out the next day when the hunt was over but we couldn't find any trails whatsoever.. all well.. the adrenaline was fun enough. My husband is bummed about not having a good supply of jerky haha.

For those of you who think that hunting is all about killing.. for some people it's really not. I enjoy the outdoors, being with family, and i'll admit the thrill is fun.. i'm not to into killing animals but getting to shoot a gun, even if your not good at aiming because you are too excited haha, can be quite fun. Not to mention.. when you do get one.. the steaks and jerky are awesome!
Maybe next year... but at least this year was memorable and fun as always to be with family and in nature!

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