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Monday, February 28, 2011

a few things to celebrate

We had a few things this month to celebrate. 
1st  school. I officially finished school! Wahoo I now have a degree and I am so so SOOO glad, no more classes! Sigh.. so nice :)

2nd  job. I was scouted out and offered a new job. Not just any job a real career! Big pay, benefits, paid holidays and vacations, 401k.. wow... big! So excited :) I still am designing which, I wouldn't have it any other way. The company is called Cache Sales here in Logan. We do packaging design for BlackStone, Ed Hardy, Zoe, Inglam, Gem, and Garanimals. So if you see any Ed Hardy or Zoe flat irons or dryers or the garanimal toys in Walmart or Target I may have just created that design :) Its a fun rewarding job... only downside is I am for sure going to be working for awhile until Devin is done with school because I make more than both of us combined.. I am going to miss staying home with Sisa and down the road her little bro/sister.

3rd Valentines. It was nice this year, Sisa and Devin surprised me with chocolates that morning. Sisa was so excited and probably ate all the chocolates haha. Me and Devin ended up celebrating it a week later and got the Crystal Inn package that included Dinner at Iron Gate Grill, so yummy, a movie , we went and saw " I am number 4 " and the hotel.. which we took advantage of just chilling in the hot tub. We missed our Little but it was nice to have a night to us, we realized it had been 2 1/2 years since it was just us. OH and Devin did the cutest thing that day while I was at work. He e-mailed me a message all in German that I had to translate.. it told me to go to my car and in the back seat was a shoe box... I opened it up and it had the cutest owl charm necklace in it :) ( I have a thing for owls lately ) what a sweet heart!

4th snow. I wasn't crazy about all the snow we got over the weekend because I just don't like snow and the cold. BUT I decided to suck it up for my little girl cause I realized... I haven't ever taken her to play in the snow. So we bundled up and went out, it turned out to be a warm gorgeous morning and we really enjoyed playing. Here are some photos from that day.
 This is Sisa's "Crusty Crab" she makes crabby patties and kelp fries for us then serves us thru the window. So cute.. she'll pretend to make them and when she's done she'll yell " Orders up !" Can you tell what her favorite show is?? *Spongebob incase you didn't guess*
 These are all the cute tracks in our front yard I had to make for sisa. The snow was so deep she couldn't even pick up her feet, so I had to make these little paths for her. A little symbolic and cute I thought because as a parent I have to do the same for her in life.. cheesy or deep thought? .. maybe both haha
 Devins sledding hill for her.. we realized we have no sleds.. so we just used a plastic platter we had haha.. it still worked.
Our cute and big "Baka Bear".. he LOVED the snow!
Our pretty barn in our backyard.

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