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Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the best papa ever!

To our papa:

You always make us smile.
You like to chase after us and tickle us until we cry. 
You always play my favorite games with me - Sisa
You always hold us and wipe away our tears when we cry.
You watch me when I play soccer - Mama
You hold our hands when we go on walks.
You read stories to me when I go to bed - Sisa
You tuck us in bed nice and tight at night.
You always take such good care of us even when we get bossy ;)
You always color with me - Sisa
You love us no matter what, even when we are cranky girls!
You asked me on our first date and I'm ever so glad you go the courage to do so! - Mama

Your the best Papa and Husband and we love you!Happy Fathers Days!
Love Mama & Sisa

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