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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 10-11 2011 Cache Valley 6v6 Fiesta Cup! }

I didn't ever get to writing about this.. June 10-11 was the Cache Valley Womens 6v6 Fiesta Cup. I love the group that put this whole tournament together. We did it last year and I was way looking forward to it this year. I was uber sad that it came and went so fast tho!

Our team was full of alot of moms which was nice.. I just love soccer moms haha..
We had an awesome team and it was nice that they were all there to just have fun too because we
ended up gettting clobbered by a bunch of teens haha. The tournament was full of all our amazing teen girl teams in Cache Valley. They literally practice EVERYDAY so it made losing to them a little more bearable knowing that.. plus they have LOADS more energy than us moms. We did win 1 out of 5 so at least we got that. Overall it was so fun to play with some ladies, took me back to highschool days. It's not very often I get to play with just girls anymore, so I look forward to next year.

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