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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

6 Amazing years! Jackson Hole here we come!

I just love this guy! We are so totally happy together! I know it's cliche and i've heard it before but I seriously just fall more and more in love with him as the years pass by! This year we decided we HAD to go on an Anniversary trip! We were so giddy about it! The hole week waiting for the trip was cute, we were like a little newly wed couple, just so happy and excited for the weekend! My dear sis-in-law was gonna watch Sis but she was due to have her baby any day so we decided, what the heck, lets take Lys with! It was fun to have a trip for just us!

We didn't make too many plans because we just wanted to get there, have fun, and wing it. So we did! And it was splendid!

When we first got to the hotel in Jackson WY we decided to try out the pool. It was wonderfully warm and we swam for a couple hours before heading out on the town to find a bite.

( She loves her papa )

We decided to go to the Bunnery, on recommendations from my bro and sis-in-law. It was delicious!

Lys was starving and devoured her cheese burger!

And found a potato chip that looked "just like a mustache!"

Then we went to the candy shop ( R.I.P sucker, we'll get to that later )

Had to sit next to Einstein.

Got so tuckered out walking around town, and from driving all day. Yes she is spoiled.. she got her very own BIG bed :)

Next morning we found an awesome place with Bagels and hot chocolate YUM ( Pearl Street Bagels and Coffee )
I got a delicious cinnamon raison bagel spread with nutty peanut butter and a very whipped cream hot chocolate!

Then we headed off to Jenny Lake! We were told to ride the boat to "Hidden Falls". Well when we got there, they had JUST closed the boat for the season. If we had gone Friday we would have made it! SAD!

We looked at the map and saw it was only a 2.5 mile hike there. So we thought, "Why Not?"
Well if we would have know it was actually a 3.0 mile hike and that it was NOT EASY AT ALL especially with a 3 year old we may have thought twice.

It was worth it in the end. Our little girl hike 4.5 miles all on her own little legs! So proud of her!
She only had one sad mishap, she tripped and lost her dear sucker to the dirt :( Other than that she was a very happy girl. We nicknamed her "Bear Bells" because she did a great job making us known to the entire forest!

It was so gorgeous and so worth the hike when we got to Hidden Falls. All the leaves were changing so it was just beautiful!

On the hike back it started to rain, which it actually felt wonderful PLUS everything smelt awesome! Lys offered to be papa's umbrella :)

Day 1 and 2 was just so perfect! We decided this is going to be our new Anniversary thing! Jackson Hole/Tetons every year :)

* I'll get to posting day 3 once I get all the photos together :)

Thanks for an amazing trip Dev I LOVE YOU!

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