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Monday, October 31, 2011

Catching up.. Jackson Part 2, Elysa Soccer, Pumpkin Smash

I am a little behind on blogging.. so here is just about everything that has happened in the past few months in one post.. ready??? Well.. here we go....

 { Our drive around Jackson just before we headed home } 

{ Left-Right: Madden, Tyson, Vince, Elysa, Cody, Easton }

We signed Lys up for 3-4 year old indoor soccer. It was cute to watch her play but we decided that next time.. we wont sign a 3 year old up for soccer haha. Did I mention we were the coaches too? Aw yes, trying to coach 3-4 year olds is one heck of a job. The first few games they were all into it! Running around, getting the ball, having fun.. by the last week the younger kids had had it! The older kids were bigger and ALWAYS got the ball.. so the little ones just layed on the floor, sat on the bench, ran in circles, or in Lys's case.. danced in the middle of the gym lol... They were a hoot tho! I was glad when the last week came, however.. but it was a fun experience!

October 15 was this years PUMPKIN SMASH! Last year our team took first place so we just had to enter this year. I didn't play hardly at all because my doc said with twins.. i'd have to be done early :( But we were short girls a few games so I play a minute or 2 here and there since it was my last week I could play soccer, I had just decided before that I wasn't going to push it.

It was a beautiful, warm, fall day tho! It was fun to play and watch and in the end.... we won first place again!

{ Back Row: Sarah, Brent, Mike, Edgar - Bottom Row: Devin, Elysa, Ann, Marissa }

{Some more Family Photos by the fabulous Jenn Lyday! }

Whoo... and there we have it! Next time i'll try not to get so far behind! 

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