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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"There's 2 Little Mermaids"

That's what Elysa told us as we were talking to her about the baby in mommy's tummy. 
Since then we joked about how we were having twins. 
This pregnancy sure has been different from the first, ALOT of random symptoms that I didn't have before and the ones I am having now have been twice as miserable. I also was getting a belly ALOT faster. I wasn't gaining weight just my belly was getting HUGE! I was so peeved because I remember I didn't start REALLY showing until about 5 months and this time.. I was already feeling 5 months pregnant.

I would lay down in bed and literally have to hold my stomach as I rolled from side to side. Body Pillow? Yes please! It was the only way I could sleep at night! Again.. this wasn't until 5 months with Elysa.. so I was dumbfounded as to how everything seemed like I was further along. 

I was so sure I was further along, so was Devin.. then we would joke OR "we are having twins..." then we would just laugh it off.

Well.. we head to our first ultra sound. Doc gets everything ready and goes "Whoa, your never going to believe this!"
I knew instantly "We are having twins aren't we?"
Doc "You most certainly are! Congrats!"

I LITERALLY WAS IN SHOCK THE WHOLE TIME! I couldn't stop staring at the 2 little babies squirming around in my belly. I was waiting for her to go " I'm just kidding.. this is someone else's ultrasound.. hahaha" but it never came. She just kept on showing us the two little tykes moving around and started talking to us about what to expect with twins.

I still can't believe it. I am still in shock. I am SUPER thrilled! I secretly wanted 3 kids while Devin wanted to be done at 2 so.. I won! he he.. 

Now if we could just get one of each then we would be set :)


Brianna said...

I still can't believe you are having twins!! Ah!!!! So exciting!!! AND I kind of hope it's twin girls! Haha!

Danielle {@} sugar blossom boutique said...

i'm so excited for you guys! let me know if you need anything...i told devin to give you lots of foot rubs, haha ;)

mdavis10 said...

Thanks guys! I would be very happy with twin girls! Devin really wants boys.. so i'll be happy if we get a happy medium of each lol.. we'll find out beginning of December :D

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